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How to Use Powerpoint: Powerpoint Tips

by Bob V.

How to Use PowerPoint, PowerPoint Tips, PowerPoint Help

How to use Powerpoint?

Microsoft Powerpoint is one of the most popular apps used to create presentations. It is a slideshow presentation program to create professional-looking slideshows that can be displayed on projectors or big screens. It is an easy-to-learn program that is used by businesses, classrooms and personally. You can combine texts, graphics and multimedia content to create presentations on Powerpoint. It allows you to create, collaborate and present your unique ideas in dynamic and visually compelling ways. The powerpoint program is used to organize and structure your presentation, create a professional format, provide you with an illustrative background and content for your presentation and also animate your slides to increase the effect of the visual impact of your slideshow. It has a Presenter View to help you rehearse your presentations, displays your current slide, provides speaker notes, it auto-generates the next slides in your deck while you are presenting which helps you stay focused and connected with your audience.

How to use Powerpoint:

1. Add slides.

Slides are basically pages in your presentation. To insert a new slide, go to the Insert option on the main menu bar on the top left corner.

2. Add content

The content in your powerpoint presentation is important. It defines each slide. The program provides you with a range of content like texts, graphs, tables, charts etc. You can start adding content into you slide by choosing a Layout that you can choose from on the Home tab, which is on the top left-hand corner.

3. Choose a Theme and Style

After choosing the content layout, the next step would be to add a visual style or a theme. Click on the Design tab, and select a theme. Powerpoint presentations have a particular colour and typestyle according to the theme you select. When you change the theme, it will adjust the entire presentation simultaneously that reduces the time taken while creating a presentation.


4. Use graphics and animation in your presentation.

Most people use images to understand and remember concepts. Powerpoint allows you to add graphics to your presentations. Use images that are relevant to your topic and text. You can consider using an image to replace text if it makes the concept easier to understand. You can animations and slide transitions to show progress. Use animation that is relevant to the topic and presentation, so as not to distract the audience from the main concept

5. Use Powerpoint to structure your presentation.

After you have designed your slide, you can structure your presentation and use the features that Powerpoint offers. For example, you can click on the View menu and use the 'Outline' tab to display the text in your presentation to help you focus on the structure of your content.  You can also use the 'Notes' tab to create a script that can prompt you during a presentation.

These tools give you an overview of your whole presentation to create a logical structure for your presentation.

6. Present your powerpoint slideshow.

You can use powerpoint to illustrate and emphasise on points that are made in the presentation. Another feature is a Presenter View, which is perfect when you set up two screens while presenting. Your audience will see the presentation that you have created on the projector or big screen, while you will have your own private view with speaker notes and upcoming slides. You can turn on the Presenter View from the slideshow tab by clicking on 'Use Presenter View'.

PowerPoint is a widely used program across the world and learning how to use it is worthwhile. It can be a powerful tool to create clear, well-structured presentations that can have a strong visual impact.


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