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Idaho Voting Registration Information and Registration Process

by Eddie V.

Register to Vote Idaho, Idaho Register to Vote

How to Register to Vote in Idaho?

Eligible people who want to cast their votes in the state of Idaho, as well as, not voted previously, or have changed their addresses or name since last elections need to register. It is a permanent procedure when a person proposes once every four years in the country's general or a primary election, and have not relocated. All voters in Idaho should register themselves by the twenty-fourth day before Election Day.

Idaho-Eligibility to register for voting

Following are the eligibility criteria to register for casting your vote in Idaho:

  • Should be a minimum of 18-year-old or will be so by Election Day;
  • You are a citizen of the United States of America; and
  • You have been staying in the said election district where you intend to cast your vote for at least 30 days. The districts include state elections, county elections, city elections, taxing district

A person is barred from voting in the following scenarios:

  • On parole;
  • Is incarcerated; or
  • On probation for being convicted of  a felony

Once the concerned person is done with his/her supervised time period, re-registering is a must for voting.

Register to Vote Idaho

Idaho-When should a person register to vote?

  • Changed their names
  • Has not registered previously
  • Has not voted even once within the last 4 years; or
  • Relocated to a new address

Idaho: ways of registering to vote

1. In-person: You can register either by mail or in person to vote by filling up the state’s Voter Registration Form. Thereafter, submit this form by mail or in person to the County Clerk of your residence. As mentioned earlier, this registration application should be postmarked at least 24 days before Election Day.  In case you are voting for the first time in Idaho, it is also mandatory to submit a copy of your utility bill or latest photo identification that has your name, as well as, address.
2. Online register to vote: The good news is you can also fill you your registration form to vote online. However, register to vote can be only done in that precinct where your house is situated. Your residence/house refers to the location of your living quarters or your home. Even you may be not present here, you have the intention to return here.

Idaho-Vote by mail

In Idaho, one can also cast their votes using an absentee ballot. You may request your County Clerk to give you an absentee ballot. In case you want that an absentee ballot is mailed to you, your county clerk’s office should receive the request by the eleventh day before Election Day. In case your absentee ballot did not arrive earlier, the country clerk’s office should get it within the time of the closure of the polls on Election Day.

Idaho Register to Vote

Idaho: Registering to vote on the day of the election

It is possible to register yourself on the day of the election by submitting a valid residence proof. Whatever documents you submit as your residence proof should be accompanied by valid photo identification. Please note that only the materials below that show the current address of the registrants is considered to be the authorized ones in the precinct.

  • A valid photo ID card issued by the state’s department of transportation
  • Valid driver’s license in Idaho issued by its department of transportation
  • A valid student ID card can also be used by students from one of Idaho's post-secondary educational institutions along with a current fee statement of that student, which has the valid address of the student in the precinct and a picture ID card.
  • Any document is displaying the precinct's valid address along with a picture ID card.


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