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How to Use Incognito Mode in Google Chrome

by Roger W.

Incognito Mode, Google Chrome Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode - What is it and How to Use It

Google Chrome is one of the most popular online browsers that provides billions of users access to whatever information they desire. The well-known browser has a lot of features you can use, aside from regular browsing, and one of them is the Incognito Mode. This unique mode is very important when it comes to privacy and security, and if you are not sure what it is and how to use it, now is the time to learn.

What is the Incognito Mode?

Incognito mode is a safe browsing mode that deletes search history after you use the mode. Also, the incognito mode erases cookies that you pick up while using the mode. While the privacy mode helps protect your data and search history from other users, it does not keep browsing history away from ISP or hackers. That level of protection is only available when using a virtual private network (VPN) that you can connect to whenever you desire.

Incognito Mode
Why Use Incognito Mode?

While the incognito mode is not the highest level of browsing security, it has several advantages that can benefit you when you are online:

Security protection

Cookies can cause problems over time, and every once in a while, so you need to clear them every once in a while. With the secured mode, you will not have to worry about cookies because they are automatically deleted when you close the browsing window. Cookies could put your passwords and accounts at risk of hacking, so when they are deleted every time you finish browsing, the risk is smaller (even if you forget to sign out of a certain online service that requires a user account and password).

Privacy protection

Many homes and combined spaces have shared computers that several people use. So, when using an unsecured browsing window, others will be able to see what you were searching through your search history or URL search. With incognito mode, no one will be able to find out which websites you were using or what you often search. Even in cases where you search for a certain phrase or word a number of times, the search history will be deleted and no list will be created for the searches you performed.

Google Chrome Incognito Mode

Opening multiple windows

When using a regular browser, you cannot use several accounts on the same website without logging out from previous accounts. If, for instance, you want to enter several Gmail accounts, you can use incognito mode. When you want to enter several accounts on the same website, enter a safe mode. You can also let your friends and family access their accounts without logging you out.

How to Use Incognito Mode

Now that you know what is incognito mode and why you should use it, it's time to find out how to open the private browsing window on your computer:

1. Open a new Chrome browser on your PC/laptop

2. Click on the three dots at the top of the browser

incognito mode

3. Choose "New incognito window Ctrl+Shift+N

Chrome incognito

If you are using Windows, Linux or Chrome OS, you can press Ctrl+Shift+N on your keyboard to open an incognito browser with just your keyboard.

Incognito mode keyboard

If you are using Mac, you can press Comand (CMD) key along with Shift+N on your keyboard to open an incognito browser with just your keyboard.

mac incognito mode

Using the internet is very helpful, but it can also be risky if you do not use the necessary protection. To protect your personal information and browsing history, you can use Google Chrome's incognito mode that will delete your browsing history, passwords, and cookies automatically after every time you close the search windows.  


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