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People Search Service by InfoTracer. How Does InfoTracer People Search Work?

Background checks were once something unattainable by the working class. You needed to have connections in law enforcement or a lot of money in order to find out information about someone in your life. Nowadays, thanks to the internet and transparency laws in the US, a lot of information is readily accessible to the public. There are many companies on the internet that provide background searches and people searches. One of these companies is Infotracer, that provides people with people search services. This article will review, and explain how the people search works. 

InfoTracer People Search Overview  

InfoTracer is a people search service based in Massachusetts. The service gathers gather billions of records from various different sources including courthouses, registries, county sheriff offices, the internet, and consumer databases. Infotracer then organizes this data into a searchable database that it provides to its consumers in the form of a comprehensive report. Infotracer was founded in 2010, has between 11 and 50 employees and holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. People Search Services 

InfoTracer offers a number of search options and features that are available within its monthly subscription. These searches are:

Criminal Records Search - InfoTracer offers a number of search options relating to criminal records. These searches can provide you with reports that contain information on arrest warrants, mugshots, felony records, inmate records, legal cases, police reports, conviction and disposition details, parole and probation details. They may also include physical details of the arrestee including identifying marks, age, height, and more. 

Court Documents Search- Using an InfoTracer court record search you can find records that are related to local, state and federal courthouses. These searches can provide you with information about the individual’s tax liens, bankruptcy, claims, evictions, legal judgments, lawsuits, and small claims.

People Search InfoTracer

Public Records Searches- InfoTracer offers general public records search as well as specific record searched which may provide you with any records about the person you are searching for that were made public under the Freedom of Information Act. These searches include assets listed in public records, a driving records search, a property ownership records search, and a bankruptcy records search.

Email Lookup/ Reverse Email Search- Using this search you may be able to find out someone's email address by using the InfoTracer email lookup tool. With a reverse email search, you can simply input an email address to which you want to find out the owner, and InfoTracer will provide you with the owner if a record using that email address is listed. 

Vital Records Search- InfoTracer also offers a search option for each of the vital records which include death records, marriage records, divorce records, and birth records. 

Phone Lookup and Reverse Phone Search- By using a reverse phone search with InfoTracer you can reveal a caller's name, address, gender, age, and phone carrier. Alternatively, you may be able to find a person's phone number by searching for his/her name and location. 

Address Lookup and Reverse Address Lookup- With this search you will be able to find out who lives or owns a certain property by searching the address. InfoTracer can give you their name, age, relatives & associates, occupation, education, and marital status. The search also works the other way around by inserting someone's name and finding out their current address. 

Plate Lookup/ VIN Check- This search allows you to search for the owner of a vehicle based on the vehicle identification number (VIN) or license plate number. This comes in handy if someone hit your car and you only caught the license plate number or if someone is parking in your allowed parking spot. 

How Does InfoTracer People Search Work?

InfoTracer gathers its data by collecting and organizing billions of different records from various sources in local, state and federal government. They also gather data from the internet and other non-government sources The records are then indexed and made searchable to users of the InfoTracer. The reason government records are public is because of the federal Freedom of Information Act and individual state’s similar laws. The laws for each state differ with some allowing more records to be released to the public than others and will affect the information provided on the reports you receive.

InfoTracer review

In order to run a search on InfoTracer you just need to enter the person's first and last name, and state of residence. If you know the city of residence that will help narrow down the search results. Following the submission of your search parameters, you will be led to a results page of all the different people who fit your search description, if you searched a common name you can expect a large number of results, whereas more distinctive names will produce fewer results, making your search a bit easier. You will need to select the correct person, you can usually do so by identifying your subject's age and relatives. 

If this is the first time you are registering with InfoTracer, you will then be led to a payment page. InfoTracer works on a monthly subscription basis, meaning you have to pay for at least a month, but then you have access to unlimited searches for that period of time. The fee for one month is 19.95. They do however offer a welcome trial for 4.95 after which you will be charged the full monthly fee unless you cancel the subscription. After selecting a plan and providing payment you will receive the report on the person you search for. Review

While InfoTracer may have a stellar rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), there have been some complaints both on the BBB and on other review sites with the BBB having 80 complaints registered in the past 3 years. On Trustpilot, a review site, InfoTracer has a 3.5 out of 5-star rating with some reviews claiming the information was very accurate, while others claim that there was a lack of information on people they were searching. 


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