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5 Major Crimes that Shocked America

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News of crimes have a tendency to engage the people hearing them, and when major crimes are involved, it can shock us to our very core. Major crimes such as murder, rape and arson affect the lives of many people, and some of them make headlines that enter households all across the United States. Several such crimes not only made headlines, but were extensively covered by news media outlets, and these are the 5 most famous ones:


1. The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping
In the middle of a 1932-night, Charles Lindbergh's baby son was taken from his crib. The family, that had the means to search for the baby at their disposal, did not succeed, and little Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr. was found dead in a field close to the family's home two months after he was taken. German born immigrant Bruno Richard Hauptmann was convicted and executed for the crime, but many think he was not to blame for the kidnapping, which means the crime may still be unsolved.

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2. The Manson Family Killing Spree
When it comes to major crimes, the Manson family murders continue to shock the people who hear of them till this very day. The Manson Family, who were a cult established by leader Charles Manson, went on a killing spree in California on Dec. 31, 1969. Manson sent 5 of his "family" members to homes in order to kill, as he said, the "piggies" they found there. The late-night journey ended in the brutal murder of Sharon Tate who was 81/2 months pregnant at the time, and four other people that were in the house with her. The night after, two more people were murdered in their Los Feliz home. Manson an the others were arrested, and the failing musician was delighted to get the exposure he had always hoped for.

3. The Watergate Break Ins
Burglaries are also on the list of major crimes, and one of the most infamous break ins happened as part of a political race. In 1972 Richard Nixon was running for president against the democratic George McGovern who was predicted to lose the elections. Despite that fact, five men were caught trying to break into the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate hotel. Nixon denied any relation to the break in, but it was later discovered he knew about the operation. The famous Deep Throat told The Washington Post about the president's involvement in the break in, which led to his resignation and apology to the nation.

a man in a ski mask trying to pick a door lock

4. The Murder of Adam Walsh
When major crimes involve innocent children, they impact all of us hard and make our hearts go out to their families. A case like this involved 6-year-old Adam Walsh who was abducted from a Sears branch in Florida in 1981. 16 days later the severed head of little Adam was found 120 miles from his home with his other remains never to be found. Adam's killer was never found, and his heart broken father, John Walsh, devoted the rest of life to prevent such crimes from happening again with his show "Americas Most Wanted".

5. The Columbine Murders
On an April 20th morning in 1999, two teens went to school with guns and shot 12 students and 1 teacher to death. The two young men, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, were considered as outsiders that were into goth culture, but no one gussed what they were capable of. The murders went down in history as part of this shocking school shooting, and unfortunately, it was not the last time this type of crime was committed at the hands of teens.

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