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Charges Filed Against Suspect of Viral Child Pornography Video

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Viral Child Pornography Video, Suspect Arrested

Germain Moore, 44, has been charged with four counts of sexual abuse in connection to the distribution of a viral child pornography video. The suspect will be extradited from Alabama to Michigan and will stand trial for the allegations against him.

Moore, who is allegedly a repeat criminal offender, is also accused of sexually assaulting three minor girls under the age of 13. The assaults allegedly took place in his home in Detroit and also in his home in Alabama from 2011 to 2017.

The police apprehended Moore after authorities came across a viral video of a little girl performing oral sex on an adult man. The video has been distributed through social media, and the police are warning not to open or share it.
After the charges were brought against him, Moore, that has yet to be arraigned, is facing four counts of criminal sexual assault, and if found guilty will be sent to prison.

Moore, like many others, will have to register as a sex offender if he is found guilty of the charges against him. The sexual offender registry allows anyone to find out if there are sexual offenders living close to them, and decide what to do with the information. Conducting a sex offender search can help discover who are the people around you, and whether they pose a threat to you and your children, which can help you make important decisions in the matter.

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