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Day Care Owner Who Hung Toddler Gets Probation

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Day Care Owner Who Hung Toddler Gets 10-Year Probation

Nataliia Karia, 43, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, received a 10-year probation sentence after trying to hang a child by a noose in February 2016. The 16-month-old boy was found hanging in the basement of Karia's home day care basement by a father who came to drop off his child. The father took the noose off the toddler's neck while Karia fled the day care in a minivan.

While fleeing the scene, Karia hit a pedestrian, a byclist and another driver, and was apprehended at a Minneapolis freeway overpass while intending to jump off it. During her 2-hour hearing at the Hennepin County District, Karia did not admit to an insanity plea, but rather to a guilty plea for attempted murder.

The presiding judge, who described Karia's actions as the result of a "perfect storm" of circumstances that led to her actions, took into consideration the 20 months she had already spent in jail. Karia was sentenced to two months of electronic monitoring and 10 years of probation, during which she is mandated to receive mental assistance.

According to her defense, Karia suffered abuse in her native Ukraine as well as abuse at the hands of her husband in the US. She admitted to her actions and has stated that she is glad that no one died as a result of her actions.

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