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Father and Daughter Accused of Running Drug Operation

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Father and Daughter Accused of Running Drug Operation

Daniel McGregor Williams III, 51, and his 17-year-old daughter have been accused of allegedly running a drug operation together, according to police reports. The father-daughter team, living in North Forsyth, Georgia, reportedly sold drugs to teenagers and were arrested on Friday on multiple drug charges.

According to police, narcotics agent received a tip a few months ago letting them know that a teenager was selling drugs to fellow students in North Forsyth High School. Following the tip, the narcotics agents found that the girl's father was an accomplice in the drug operation.

This last Wednesday night, a drug task force raided the Williams’ Forsyth home and a warehouse they owned where they found $22,000 in cash, two pounds of marijuana and 85 ecstasy pills. Williams and his daughter, whose name has not been provided due to her age, were arrested and brought to jail with no bail.

The father-daughter team will likely be charged on several drug charges pending investigation and discovery of evidence against them.

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