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How to Know My Neighborhood Crime Rate

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How to Know Your Neighborhood Crime Rate Using Online Tools

Every year, each state and jurisdiction releases reports about crime rates all across America that compare the crime rate to that of the past year. These reports help people find out what goes on in their state, but they don't go into details about specific neighborhoods or zip codes.

Knowing you neighborhood crime rate, or the crime rate in a neighborhood you are considering moving to, is extremely important, and luckily there are some very informative online tools at your disposal that can reveal the crime rate in certain neighborhoods.

1. CrimeReports

CrimeReports is a website that gathers and maps out data from more than 1,000 law enforcement agencies in the country. By entering a zip code/address/region/law enforcement agency name into the search field in the website, you can observe the latest police activity in that area. The website features icons that represent various types of crimes, and when you click on one, you can get information about the incident in question. The crimes' details include the location of the crime, it's type, the day in occurred, the hour it happened and more. You can use the zoom in-zoom out tool on the website to view crime trends in the past 15 days in the neighborhood you searched. The crimes are divided into property crimes, violent crimes and also quality-of-life crimes that allow you to search and find neighborhood crime rates in various areas, and the best part is that the services are free.

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2. AreaVibes

Another great website for finding crime rates by neighborhood is AreaVibes, and it also has other feature that reveal important information. Like CrimeReports, in order to get the information you want from AreaVibes, you have to enter the name of a neighborhood, a state or a certain address of interest. The website gives each place a score from 1-100 based on its livability, and it also compares it to national averages. The website also lets you enter factors and find neighborhoods based on them. That way, you can find out how your neighborhood ranks in terms of crime rates, and also find information about other neighborhoods – such as crime rates, crime trends, information about specific incidents etc. Like CrimeReports, AreaVibes is free, so you can search for valuable information about your neighborhood and other ones in the US free of charge.

3. NeighborhoodScout

Unlike the previous two websites, NeighborhoodScout is not free of charge, but it gives you complete information about neighborhoods throughout the country. By entering a zip code, a state, a neighborhood or a city, you can get crime rates of the area in question, the violent crime rate, property crime rate and much more information - like your chances of becoming a victim. You can also create a custom search for a neighborhood you have questions about, and you can enter certain qualifications and discover which area meets them in any state of your choice.

finding neighborhood crime rates
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A neighborhood crime rate can help you learn valuable information about your area, as well as areas that you are interested in learning more about. The top three websites listed above will give you all the information you need about neighborhoods all across America, and in case you have questions about a certain neighbor, GolookUp will provide you with everything you need to know about him or her.

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