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Former Virginia Tech Student Charged with Murder of 13-year-old

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Virginia Tech Student, Charged with Murder
David Eisenhauer, 20, a former Virginia Tech student from Columbia, is charged for stabbing and killing a 13-year-old girl in 2016. According to records, Eisenhauer was afraid that he had gotten the girl pregnant after a drunken night at a party after which he did not recall his actions.

Eisenhauer allegedly decided to lure the girl via messages and kill her, a plan he allegedly committed. The 13-year-old girl, Nicole Lovell, climbed out of her window in 2016 to meet Eisenhauer and was found dead three days later.

In addition to the charges against Eisenhauer, an alleged accomplice, Natalie Keepers, 21, faces to stand trial for helping him to hide the body. According to the police, Eisenhauer told Keepers about his plan, and while she did not take part in the killing, Keepers helped Eisenhauer clean the body and dispose of it over the state line in North Carolina.
Eisenhauer denies the allegations against him and claims that he met Lovell, but left her after he saw how young she was. He has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder, abduction and concealing a dead body.

The serious allegations aganist Eisenhauer resonate with other cases that some of them ended up in the release of the suspect. The criminal records of Eisenhauer and others are made available to the public that can view it when meeting new people. Access to public records and criminal records help us decide who to let into our lives, and who will not be a part of them. The important information can help us make life changing decisions, and we all owe it to ourselves and to those closest to us to look for it.


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