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Illinois Man Arrested After $3 Million Worth of Weed Was Found in His House

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David Gutierrez Arrested After Police Found Weed in his Home
David Gutierrez, 31, from Illinois, was arrested on Thursday after police officers recovered approximately $3 million worth of weed from his home. According to the police, the amount of the weed is 420 pounds and is worth millions.
Gutierrez was arrested at 6:30 pm on Thursday at his home in Skokie. According to police reports, along with the weed, they also found several weapons in Gutierrez's home along with handguns and cash money.

After his arrest, Gutierrez was charged with one felony count of the manufacturing and delivery of cannabis, five misdemeanor counts for unlawful use of a weapon for possession of a firearm and one misdemeanor count for drug paraphernalia possession. Gutierrez is set to appear in court on Saturday on the marijuana and weapons charges.

If found guilty. Gutierrez may spend several years in prison, according to the laws in Chicago. After he is released, his arrest records and criminal records will become available to the public. Such public records can help people find out find out more about other people's past, which can be life saving at times. Conducting background checks can be useful in many cases as it allows people to find the contact information, criminal records, sexual offences and much more about people's past.



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