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Man Accused for Leaving His Mother to Die to Get Her Money

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Man Accused of Leaving His Mother to Die to Get Her Money
Eric Paul Brunner, 39, from North Carolina is accused of withholding medication from his 74-year-old mother and leaving her to die in their shared home. According to police reports, Brunner, who has admitted to his actions, denied his mother diabetes medication and other medication for different ailments for 6 days, until she died.

Brunner's mother was found on the floor of her home more than 24 hours after she passed away. Reports also indicate that Brunner entered and left the home several times while he's mother laid dead and went around her body.

Brunner was his mother's caregiver, which entitled him to some access to her money. According to the police, his mother had about $30,000 in her bank account, and Brunner intended to take it.

Brunner's mother died on Feb. 18, a day before he reported the incident, and he was arrested on Mar. 13. Brunner has been charged with murder and elder abuse and is currently being held without bond until his court hearing on April 14.



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