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Man Sentenced to Prison for Stabbing Victim Using Bladed Gloves

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Man Sentenced to Prison for Stabbing Using Bladed Gloves

Christian Gulzow, 37, from Colorado, has been sentenced to 42 years in prison for stabbing a man to death outside a taco restaurant on May 2017. Gulzow, who identified himself as Christöf Gülzowprüzenstein, attacked a homeless man, according to reports, and stabbed him to death using bladed gloves.

Police records show that the victim, Brian Lucero, 29, and Gulzow got into an argument in a gas station on May 23, 2017, while Gulzow was wearing white clown makeup. Gulzow then followed Lucero to a Torchy’s Tacos parking lot where he stabbed him to death with bladed gloves he had on.

Gulzow was seen leaving the crime scene on his scooter, and Lucero was pronounced dead at the scene when medics arrived. Eyewitnesses told authorities that Gulzow could often be seen riding his scooter around town while wearing the white makeup, which allowed police to identify him as the attacker. Gulzow was arrested on the morning following the attack, still wearing the blooded clothes from the night before.

According to Gulzow, he accidentally stabbed the victim after he threatened him to “get out of my alley." Gulzow's testimony did not match those of nearby eyewitnesses, and he was sentenced to 42 years in prison for second-degree murder in a Denver District Court this Friday.


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