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Oklahoma Man Faked Own Kidnapping and was Found in Casino

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Jonathon Michael Davis, Oklahoma Man Faked Own Kidnapping
Jonathon Michael Davis, 34, from Owasso, Oklahoma was found in a casino in Tulsa after he allegedly faked his own kidnapping.

According to reports, Davis had been missing for three days before he was found, and there was a fear for his life. His wife told police that after his disappearance, she got text messages from his phone that were sent to her by his 'captor'.

According to her, the texts demanded that she pay money in exchange for her husband's safety, and that she was supposed to make a deposit to a PayPal account as a ransom. One of the text messages sent to Davis' wife contained a photo of a broken finger, and a demand that stated “they were going to continue breaking fingers until they pay,” according to police.

Police tried to track down the location of the text messages, and they were successful; Davis was found in a River Spirit Casino in Tulsa as he was gambling alone at a table. The cellphone that was used to demand the ransom was found on his person, and he was taken back to Owasso.



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