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Former Priest Charged with Two Counts of Sexual Abuse

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Former Priest Kenneth Lewis Charged for Sexual Abuse

Kenneth Lewis, 56, a former Catholic priest from Tulsa, Oklahoma, has been charged with two counts of sexual abuse for two separate incidents. One of the charges regards an alleged incident in which Lewis molested a 13-year-boy in an Evanston Hotel while he was on a trip with the boy's family in 2001.

According to officials, the incident was investigated 3 years later, in 2004, but no charges were filed against Lewis. Another incident allegedly took place in 1994, which led to Lewis being removed from the church. The Diocese allowed Lewis to return to his work as a priest under strict conditions that he will not be left alone with minors.

In 2002, Lewis was dismissed as a priest, and defrocked in 2007 by the Vatican, according to the Diocese of Tulsa and Eastern Oklahoma. After further investigation, there was an arrest issued on Lewis and he was arrested after arriving from Ecuador. 



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