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Why is Hollywood Finally Clearing Up on Sex Abuse

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Why is Hollywood Clearing Up on Sex Abuse Allegations

After allegations about Bill Cosby's sexual abuse broke out, Hollywood was buzzing, and the bigwigs at tinsel town started getting nervous about the case. It was clear why it happened – it was later discovered that the sexual abuse didn't begin or end with Bill Cosby but that he was just one of many celebs who had skeletons in their closet.

Mega-producer Harvey Weinstein was one the next people to be exposed for their antics, and after him, came a slew of allegations against actors, comedians, directors, and producers who crossed the lines more than once. So, why now? Why is Hollywood cracking the whip on sexual abuse just now?

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Sexual Abuse in Hollywood – the Truth Behind the Scenes

Over the past few decades, there have been rumors and stories about what happens behind closed doors in the city of celebs. A touch here, a kiss there, all frowned upon but not to the point of making a legal case out of such advancements.

Little by little, the drips started adding up, and more woman came forward and told exactly what happened to them behind those closed doors. It turned out that the advancements were not only a hug or an inappropriate remark – they were aggravated sexual assaults that were committed over decades.

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Louis C.K, Kevin Spacey, and Woody Allen were some of the biggest names to be added to the expanding list of Hollywood celebs to get slapped with allegations of sexual abuse. As a result, the heads of LA's most famous city started cutting off those of others and these artists began losing their status.

Harvey Weinstein was fired from his own production company, Kevin Spacey was axed from his hit show House of Cards and Louis CK began publicly apologizing for his misconduct and losing show deals. The question is why now? Why has everyone started being hard on sexual offenders just now?

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The answer to that lies with many factors that all affected the burst of the Hollywood bubble. The magnitude of the sexual offenses over the past decades has made it impossible to ignore what was going on. Women were no longer willing to keep silent, which led to the birth of the #MeToo movement. Following the backlash from the accusations, the quiet voices became louder and louder and the victims were out for blood, finally.

Another catalyst for Hollywood's war on sexual abuse was the latest presidential election, where Trump's statements about women were revealed in all their un-glory. The ground began to move, and feminists along with women's rights activists started taking to the streets to stop the sexual abuse.

sexual abuse in Hollywood - a MeToo protest
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Hollywood is moving to a better place as of today, and it seems that the fear of a powerful man has less of an effect on victims and the people in charge as well. Combing all the circumstances that led to the burst of the sexual abuse bubble, hopefully, the sexual abuse in Hollywood will be eradicated, and no one will have to stand up and say "me too" when asked if she was abused.

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