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Teen in Texas Accused of Plotting to Hijack her Father

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Susan Mize Car Jacking, Texas Teens Hijacked Father's Car
Susan Mize, 17, from Texas is currently held on $75,000 bond for aggravated robbery charges after suspicion rose that she was involved in plotting to hijack her father. According to authorities, Mize and her father were held at gunpoint shortly after midnight on Saturday by two male suspects.

The two young man entered the car with Mize and her father, and demanded he drive to his house to take money from it. Upon arriving to the home, the father ran into the house, locked the door behind him and dialed 911. During that time, the suspects released Susan and took in the family car.

After a few miles, the two men left the car behind, and one of them was apprehended shortly thereafter. His accomplice, believed to be armed, ran into the woods and sparked a manhunt. The suspect was not caught.

After arresting one of the suspects, a 16-year-old teen, deputies learned that Mize allegedly came up with the plan to steal money from her father.

The investigation is ongoing, and if found guilty, the two teens that were caught will get a sentence pending investigation. The criminal records of the supposed young criminals will remain as they are for years to come, and will some day become public records.

This will allow people to learn more about their past deeds and decide what to do with the information. Access to such public records in highly important these days with crimes being committed every day, and people not revealing the truth about their past, which can sometimes be a violent past that others should be aware of.

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