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Life Sentence to Texan Man Who Stomped Toddler to Death

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Texas Man Joshua Beard Sentenced to Life for Stomping Child
Joshua Beard, 24, from Texas was handed a life sentence on Saturday for stomping an 18-year-old toddler to death in 2014. The incident took place when Beard got angry with Tylea – the daughter of his then girlfriend Alexis Botello, 20.

After yelling at the toddler, Beard proceeded to throw Tylea across the room, which caused her to bounce of the bed and fall on the floor. According to reports, following her fall, Beard stomped on the child until she vomited. The couple then tried to perform CPR on the 18-month-old but they were unsuccessful. According to the police, Tylea's body was covered with bruises and bite marks when they found her remains.

After the violent incident, the couple put the victim's body in the trunk of their car and buried her 45 miles northeast of Arlington. After the child was reported missing, police discovered what had happened and arrested the couple.

Botello claimed that Beard did not intend to kill the child and that it was an accident, and she was also charged for her involvement in the murder and the burial of her daughter.


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