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Wisconsin Teen Arrested for Setting House on Fire

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Janesville, Wisconsin – police detained an 18 year old man, Elijah Dvorak, for arson. The dispatch received a phone call about the fire early Friday morning, and arrived at the scene where a house on at 1609 South River Road was on fire.

Police found that there was no one inside the burning house that was mostly put out by the buildings sprinkler system. No one was injured during the fire, and police started investigating possible arson.

After looking into the matter, the police discovered that the fire was most likely set by Dvorak – a resident of the house that was burnt. During his investigation, Dvorak admitted to setting the fire, and leaving the house to burn. Dvorak is currently being held for the charges and also on a previous court ordered commitment.

The arson case against Dvorak will most likely end up with a conviction and a sentencing according the state laws in Wisconsin. The records of his actions will become public records that will allow people to discover the truth about his past, and learn more about him. The records will become public records, and access to them will be important to anyone that will know Elijah and might want to run a background check about his past.


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