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Young Woman Arrested for Biting Off Chinese Restaurant Owner's Ear

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Michigan Woman Bites Off Chinese Restaurant Owner's Ear

Jade Anderson, 24, from Michigan has been arrested for biting off the ear of a Chinese restaurant owner after she was not satisfied with her meal. The incident occurred at the China 1 restaurant in Mount Clemons after Anderson was not pleased with her meal and began fighting with the restaurant owner's family.

After expressing her displease, Anderson pushed the restaurant owner's son, assaulted his wife, threw her meal on the floor and then attacked the owner himself. While attacking the owner, Anderson bit his ear and detached a part of it while he was trying to stop her from fighting with his family.

Anderson was arrested on Thursday night, after the incident occurred, and was charged with assault with intent to maim. Anderson is currently being held on a bond of $20,000, and according to police reports, she left a small child unattended in her home while the incident occurred.


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