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69-Year-Old Woman from Arkansas Kills Husband Over Pornography

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Arkansas Woman Kills Husband Over Pornography Purchase

Patricia Hill, 69, from Arkansas, has been arrested for shooting and killing her husband, Frank, over pornography. According to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office news release, Patricia called the police at around 2:30 p.m. and told them she had killed 65-year-old husband Frank.

During her interview, Patricia said that her husband ordered pornographic content via the television guide, and despite her canceling the purchase, he ordered it again. After discovering the order, Patricia went into a shed on her and Frank's property to confront him.

When Frank disagreed with her, Patricia left the shed, got a .22 caliber pistol from their home and shot her husband in the hand and head. There were no documents of any physical altercations between the couple in the past, and Patricia willingly called the police to confess what she had done.

According to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, investigators have yet to find any evidence that the shooting happened as an act of self-defense. Mrs. Hill is currently being held without bond in the Jefferson County's detention center for capital murder and will appear in court next week.


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