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10 Craziest Revenges on Cheating Partners

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10 Craziest Revenges on Cheating Partners

Infidelity or cheating is quite common across the globe! CreditDonkey found that while 21% of men cheat their partners in a relationship, 15% of women admitted to being unfaithful. Close to 74% of men and 68% of women, according to CreditDonkey, said they would cheat on partners if they were confident of getting away with it! While cheating can be hard on the other partner, there have been many who have worked out unusual ways to avenge the injustice. Here are ten crazy revenges that have been taken out on cheating partners!

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  1. Posting on social media: A husband in Texas caught his girlfriend with another man and could not take this lying down. Instead of reacting, he immediately took pictures of the couple and posted them on Facebook.
  2. Poster in town center: Social media is now the obvious choice for many to vent out their frustration and emotions. But one woman went public with her anger by putting up a poster about the affair right in the middle of a busy street.
  3. Wedding day revelation: Sean, a salesman from Ireland, appeared on a TV show to narrate a story of how a husband took revenge on his cheating wife just hours after the marriage. The groom addressed the guests who were about to dine to lift their plates to see a note under it. He then asked those who received a note with a red dot on it to stand up. Eight men stood up after which the groom announced that these were the eight men his wife had slept with since their engagement and that he was now going in for annulment!
  4. Investing in billboards: When Jennifer found out that her husband had been cheating on her, she spared no expenses to take her costly revenge. She bought billboard space in Boston that could be worth anything between $11,000 to $23,000! She invested also in a $250 GPS tracker and spy camera with zoom lens to catch her husband in the act. And all these details were on the billboard for everyone to see!
  5. Leaving them naked!: Su tracked her cheating husband with a mobile tracking app and followed him to a shopping center. There she found him totally naked in his car with the other woman. On seeing her, the two got out of the car wherein Su jumped in and drove off leaving them naked and 'car-less'.
  6. Selling stuff on eBay: A 26-year-old decided enough was enough after catching her boyfriend of five years with another woman. She sold all of her ex’s stuff on eBay and profited by more than $1000!
  7. Hair removal instead of conditioner: Another woman replaced a conditioner that her partner used with a hair removal cream. The man used it before going out to meet the other woman, and discovered much to his horror his hair starting to come out.
  8. Laxatives in tea: Putting laxatives in tea and hiding toilet paper or peeing in bathtub where the cheating partner brushed his teeth are some other bizarre revenge acts that definitely made the headlines!
  9. Cleaned up: A wife discovered her husband was cheating on her and wrote on their car, “Tell your girlfriend your wife and kids say hi. PS: I cleaned out the bank and you are broke”. Going beyond car vandalism, the wife cleaned out the joint account besides also taking the kids with her, leaving her partner broke in more ways than one!
  10. Shaming in public: A woman made her partner wear a banner that said, “I cheated and this is my punishment”. The man was made to go around with this sign in public, which for sure, would have drawn many eyeballs and laughs! 
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