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Dating Online in 2018: 7 Things You Should Know!

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Online Dating Tips on how to Increase Chances of Success
We're living in a digital age, and as such, online dating has become something of a status quo. Ask almost any millennial whether they've tried online dating and dating apps and you will likely get a resounding 'yes'. While years ago, searching for a date online was somewhat of a stigma and a sign of desperation, in 2018 it is widely accepted and many people believe that it's a good way to meet people.

1. About 20% of relationships today start online
When we say "relationships," we mean serious, committed relationships. That statistic is according to popular dating site Wedding planning site The Knot places 19% of brides as meeting their spouses online.

2. Online dating site activity has a busy season 
The busiest time for online dating sites is between December 26th and February 14th according to Fueled by holiday cheer and perhaps hoping to find a meaningful relationship in time for Valentine's Day, this particular site reports 50 million messages being sent during this time period alone.
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3. Wear red in your profile picture to score more dates
The color red is associated with love and passion. A scientific study used Photoshop to alter the color of women's shirts on dating websites. Men were significantly more likely to message women when they wore red versus any other color in their profile photos.

4. More choices don't equal greater happiness 
With countless websites and apps for every interest and millions of users, it's easy to get excited by the number of choices out there. Unfortunately, studies have found that too many options can lead to depression, as you always think that there is something better out there and are afraid of missing out. Limit yourself to one or two dating sites or apps, don't "like" every profile you see, and limit the number of conversations you have going on all at the same time.
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5. 53% of people lie on their online dating profiles
According to OpinionMatters, more than 20% of women posted photos of younger selves while 40% of men lie about their jobs. Just because so many people are lying online doesn't mean that you should do it. Lying on dating profiles just sets people up for false illusions, disappointment, and even resentment.

6. Your profile is crucial
Don't leave anything blank on your online profile. People are less likely to return your messages if there is barely any information about you available. Be honest when you answer questions. Include a variety of photos (not, for example, only photos of you fishing). Spellcheck. Ask your friends to review your profile to make sure it is on point.
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7. Send the right message
Whatever you do, don't send an initial message that only consists of "hey." More than likely, your interest isn't going to respond to that. Ditto, don't send the same generic message to every match. Write something specific that you liked about their profile and ask a question to get the conversation going!


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