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How to Make a Good Impression on a First Date

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A Guide on How to Make a Good Impression on a First Date

The first date – it's a pivotal one that can make or break the connection you made with the person you like. Anyone who's been on a multitude of first dates knows that if you don't make a good impression, there might not be a second one… so, if you really like that guy or girl you're about to go out with, this is what you need to do for a good first impression that will guarantee you that second date.

Remember that preparation is key

Nerves can get the best of you on a first date, so you have to make sure you're calm before you meet your potential love interest. Get to the date as cool as a cucumber, so do something that relaxes you a few hours ahead of time. Take a bath, get some exercise, read or do anything else that makes you feel calmer. Also, as part of the prep, make sure to shower, brush your teeth and pick out clean clothes and not ones that have been deep in the closet.

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Show that you have no hidden agenda

First dates between people who don't know each other very well can lead to suspicion about the other person's intent. The only thing that you should show you want on a first date is to get to know the person you are going out with. Read their body language, listen to them and don't have hidden agendas under your sleeve. If you are serious about the other person, you can't make them feel like you are only interested in sex or the stuff they have, but in their personality, mind, and soul.

Show interest in other people as well

One of the best things that you can find out about another person is that he is good with people and treats them kindly. On a first date, make sure you pay attention to people around and be nice to them. From the waiters to the Uber driver or anyone else you meet, make sure to smile and engage them in a friendly manner. Kindness will definitely make a good impression on your first date, so use it whenever you can.

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Be fun and playful

A witty back and forth on a first date leaves both sides impressed with one another, so make sure you're confident and don't be afraid to be a little sassy. Keep the conversation flowing and whip out your sense of humor when the occasion arises. Good communication on a first date is crucial and it is up to both sides to keep it going. So, talk, laugh and communicate on your best level to keep the both of you interested and wanting more.

First dates are crucial, and they can make or break the connection between you and the other person. If you like your date enough to want to see them again, make sure you make a good impression, otherwise, you won't get another chance to see how things turn out.


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