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Things You Should Say and Not Say on a Date

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Things You Should Say and Not Say on a Date

Preparing for a date can be nerve-wracking. A date that’s going great can so easily turn horrible when we make some off-hand comment without giving it much thought.

To avoid saying stupid or offensive things, take a look at this list of things you should say and things you shouldn’t.
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  • Things you should say

Awkward silence is probably worse than saying the wrong thing. Here are some topics that you can talk about when on a date:

  • You have beautiful eyes

Who doesn’t love a compliment? It may be cheesy, but it doesn’t hurt to compliment your date. Use fluffy stuff like:

You have the cutest smile I’ve ever seen

You look beautiful tonight

Your smile lights up the room

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  • What are your hobbies?

Showing genuine interest in your date and his/her favorite activities is a great way to seal the deal. You could start the conversation with:

I see you’re a Yankees fan

What’s that book you’re reading?

I prefer Sartre myself, what about you?

Where did you get that amazing shell necklace from?

You look like you love to work out

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  • Hey, I didn’t know that!

Thanking and complimenting your date on their knowledge will go a long way in making you both feel comfortable with each other:

Wow! That’s amazing!

I didn’t know you love kayaking

Thanks for sharing this information

Wow, I learned a lot today

It’ll also help if you’re spontaneous with your actions. You could say:

So, what’re we doing tonight?

I love Chinese, but I’m up to trying Italian

Why don’t we head over to the art museum, they’re having a new show
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  • I had a great time

At the end of the date, make sure you thank your partner. It’s a great way to finish the night. You could say:

Would you like me to drop you home/call you a cab?

Here, let me get the tab

Thanks for the lovely evening

Could I call you sometime?

It was wonderful meeting you, I hope we meet again

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  • Things you should not say

The list of things you should not say is a lot longer than what you should. Take a look at the list of things you should never say on a date:

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  • Our babies will be smart and beautiful

This epic line from The Big Bang Theory encapsulates all the things you should never, ever utter on a date. Don’t say sentences like:

You'd be the perfect mother/father

I want to love you forever

We’re going to be just like that couple on the Notebook when we grow old

You remind me of my mom/dad

When’re we meeting next?

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  • What’s wrong with you?

If you’re determined not to get that second date, go ahead and say these:

Why are you still single?

What went wrong in your last relationship that you’re alone now?

Are you joking or are you really this stupid?

It seems like you hate fun

You’re cute, but you could lose a few pounds

Are you a feminist / You’re not a feminist, are you?

Women shouldn’t pay

So, your place or mine?


  • I’m friends with my ex

No one likes being told that their date is still hung up on their ex. If you want a relationship out of this date, don’t add sentences like:

I think I’m still not over my ex

I had a dream about my ex last night…

Oh sorry, hold on, my ex’s calling…

I was hanging out with my ex last night

I’ve only ever dated one person and she/he was amazing

I drank the entire night last night with my ex and our friends

You should meet my ex; you’ll love her/him

The most important thing is to not sound rude or desperate. Just relax and let the tide take you forward.



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