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Places on Tinder – How Safe Is It?

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What is Tinder Places Feature and How To Be Safe on Tinder

The 'Places' feature has made it possible to find hotspots near you and pin them whenever you want, and now it's available for use on Tinder as well. Instead of meeting someone through the app, you can go to places you like, or can potentially like and meet people with the same interests as you. The Places feature is great for meeting new people in the old fashioned way (sort of), but it also means that others can see where you are. Can it put you at risk? And how can you avoid harm?

How Tinder Places Works?

Tinder Places combines the app along with your location to help you find potential matches near you. When you go out and visit different places, Tinder tracks you and shows you other Tinder users that might be a match for you who like the same places you do. When a list of matches builds up, you can decide which ones are worthy of a right swipe and which ones to the left.

This is a great way to meet people that hang out at the same places you do, but it also means that others can see exactly where you were; whenever you visit a place, your location is pinned on a map and others can see you were there.

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Am I at Risk?

Finding a match that likes the same places you do is great, but it also means that you are exposed and that other people can find out where you like to hang out. It can become a real issue, especially if someone specific is trying to look you up. This means that you can be at risk, but by taking some precautions, you can avoid getting hurt.

  • Once you have your matches from certain places, delete the pin on that spot
  • Delete the pins and sites you don't want a record of
  • Remove places where you met a person that made you feel uneasy
  • Check your map – this can help you make sure that there aren't a lot of records of the places you visited
Tinder Places - a virtual map with pins on it

In general, it's always a good idea to meet a person you matched with on Tinder in a public place. You can also turn off the Places feature whenever you want to avoid records of the places you like to hang out in. Also, running a background check (click here for more information) on the person you want to meet, or running a people search on them can help you find out if they are who they say they are and avoid harm they may cause you.

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