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Should Cheating Always Result in a Break Up?

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Tips on how to Decide Whether to Break Up After Cheating
It's a story as old as time – two people meet, fall in love and decide not to be with anyone else. And then it happens… something shifts, changes and one of the people who decided to be committed and faithful steps out on their partner. Finding out that your significate other cheated on you and got intimate with another person is hard all on its own, but then comes the bigger issue – should you break up?

The magnitude of this question weighs heavy on a lot of people, and the decision that comes from it can change the course of the couple's life and also those that were involved in the affair. Although it hurts to break up with someone you love, we all owe it to ourselves to at list think over a few things and make the best decision for ourselves:
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Can I trust my partner ever again?
Trust is the first thing that gets broken when a person in a relationship cheats, and it can take years to build it back up. If you find out that your partner cheated, you may want to consider going to couples counseling if you feel that it might help. There are many ways to rebuild trust in relationships, but first you have to decide if you want to stay together.
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What's at risk?
Not to downplay the impact of relationships that lasted for a few months, but it is safe to say that people is short term relationships haven't been through the same experiences as couples that have been together for years. As you consider a possible break up, try to think about the future and how a split is going to affect you and others – do you have children together? Combined friends? Assets? If so, there is definitely more at stake when breaking up, and the decision should not be made lightly. This doesn't go to say that you should not break up, but just that you have to weigh the pros and cons and not make a decision lightly. If you conclude that you can't stay with your partner and that you are no longer able to trust them, maybe a break up is in order. Is you decide to so and want to protect yourself financially, you can conduct a background check on you and your spice to see all the assets you have together and do things with the help of legal aid.
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How did I find out?
Finding out a partner cheated is devastating, and how it comes into light also has a great significance. People that got caught cheating were probably not likely to tell their partners that they were less than loyal, and that's a big red flag. On the other hand, there are those that come clean without getting caught, and they usually feel guilt and shame that drive them to tell their partner they cheated. If you are considering a break up, you should ask yourself what type of person you are with – the one that hides things and lies to you or the one that comes clean and wants to work on things.
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Cheating can be the most devastating thing people go through, and thoughts about a break up are only natural when that happens. When considering a split, you should definitely think about some important issues that can help you make the best decision for you and for your future.


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