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10 Coolest Hotels in the US

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10 Coolest Hotels in the US

When you think America, you think big brands, super-size meals, and grand hospitality. But you would be surprised to know that this huge country is also home to some stylish concept hotels, which are as comfortable and luxurious as the big hotels. Not familiar with these cool hotels? We’ll introduce you to the ten best in the business!
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  • Boon Hotel and Spa, Sonoma

The hotel and spa offers rooms inside cabins that have primarily monochrome interiors. These cabins are built around a courtyard hosting a unique saltwater pool, honesty bar, and hot tub. If you’re headed to Sonoma during the summer, try booking yourself into one of the three newly built tents- Bravo, Charlie or Alpha. Also, you will love taking showers in the industrial-style washrooms!

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  • Iron Horse Hotel, Milwaukee

The Iron Horse Hotel was originally a warehouse. This sough-after boutique hotel has artwork by several renowned local artists like Cindy Lesky, Tom Ferderbar, and Amber Van Galder. These works add to the hotel’s craft theme with each space connecting to the industrial past. If you are into motorcycles and visiting Milwaukee for Harley Davidson, you will love the amenities at the Iron Horse Hotel.

  • Post Ranch Inn, CA

This hotel truly celebrates organic architecture. Situated on Northern California’s coastline, the Post Ranch Inn is the perfect blend of high-end luxury and rustic elegance. The team behind the design of the hotel includes Janet Gay Freed (interior designer) and Mickey Muenning (architect). Both Midwesterners were reborn on this coastline (Big Sure) and have showcased their love for the area through the magnificent design of the Post Ranch Inn.


  • The Wigwam Motel, Holbrook (Arizona)

This hotel dates back to the 1950s and is a classic example of vintage lodging. You can find the Wigwam Hotel just off route 66. For those on the lookout for an authentic mid-century American experience, this motel will not disappoint. As you approach the parking, you will find classic cars adorning the lot with neon signage in trendy retro fonts. Instant nostalgia for road trippers! The 15 rooms, also called “wigwams”, offer standard motel comforts such as cable TV and hot showers.

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  • The Dean, Brooklyn

The renovation of a 1952 brick building led to the opening of the 52-bedroom Dean Hotel. This hotel is filled with beautiful oil portraits sourced from Paris’ famous flea market ‘Les Puces’, modern metal desks and tables by Will Reeves, the popular American sculptor. This one is truly an art paradise!
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  • Hotel San Jose, Austin

Austin in Texas is one of the hippest places in the U.S. This hotel was first constructed as a highly modern motor court in 1939. It was later renovated and became a trendy and super contemporary “bungalow hotel” that had a soul. For those who feel inspired and wish to write about their road trips, the hotel lends vintage typewriters to guests!


  • The Liberty Hotel, Boston

The one thing that stands out at the Liberty Hotel is the cheeky names of its bars and restaurants. The Clink restaurant gives you the opportunity to dine sitting inside the remnants of the original prison cells!

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  • The Queen Mary, CA

This luxury trans-Atlantic liner now has a permanent spot in Long Beach in California. This is a 346-room hotel offering a spa experience, high-end gym, and shopping to its guests!

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  • 21c Museum Hotel, Louisville

The original 21c hotel located in Louisville continues to be the most attractive among all three. It is a coolest combination of accommodation and museum in the U.S.

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  • The Shady Dell Vintage Trailer Court, Arizona

This unique hotel houses eleven redecorated mid-century trailers with vintage (1950s) décor, furnishings and accessories such as record players, diner-style eating booths, and martini glasses!




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