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10 Incredible Natural Phenomenon

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10 Incredible Natural Phenomenon

Our world has so many intriguing things and some of them are bound to make the human mind curious. If you want to know the most amazing natural phenomenon on the planet, here is a list that will get you excited!
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  • Red Tides

‘Red tides’ is a natural phenomenon which occurs when there is a rapid accumulation of Algae on a coast, beach or shore. It is quite common in the China Sea. Although red tides is not particularly a dangerous phenomenon, it can sometimes cause havoc in the life of marine creatures because of the large influx of toxins.


  • Glowing Sand

The glowing sand phenomenon happens when a specific bioluminescent plankton named ‘Lingulodinium polyedrum’ gets washed up at the shoreline. These tiny creatures usually go around floating in the ocean and are difficult to detect. But when there is strong current or when they get trapped in waves, they begin to “stress” and this makes them glow. You can witness this amazing phenomenon at the beaches in Maldives.

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  • Monarch butterflies

This eye-catching phenomenon occurs when the butterflies from North-East America migrate to the south in the late summer or autumn season (towards Mexico). These butterflies cover several thousand miles! Unfortunately, none of the butterflies manages to survive the entire migration. The females end up laying eggs and the offspring carry on with the migration.

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  • Humbug Icebergs

The striped ‘humbug’ icebergs of Antarctica resemble the stripe paintings of Mark Rothko. They have a distinctive brown, green, and blue banding. It takes several thousand years for these icebergs to get formed. The formation occurs when loose dust, volcanic ash or soil get pressed between layers of frozen water!


  • Firefox Mushrooms

If you want to witness bio-illumination, there is nothing to beat the famous firefox mushrooms in Brazil! You will probably hold your breath when you see one of these wild mushrooms glow eerily when it gets dark. This amazing phenomenon can be typically experienced towards the end of summer in Brazil. There is no clear explanation behind the glowing mushrooms (they take on a green-bluish color). According to some people, these are ‘cold’ supernatural fires!
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  • Light Pillars

This is an outstanding optical phenomenon which occurs when ice crystals in the atmosphere reflect sun or moonlight. These pillars resemble a slim column which extends upwards, above the light source.

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  • Frozen Trees

One of the many reasons you should visit Finland is to witness the phenomenon of ‘frozen trees’. When temperatures drop below the freezing point and it snows, the landscape in this region is breathtakingly beautiful. In fact, it almost looks like a postcard picture! The trees in Finland end up getting bent due to heavy snow layers and appear to be giant worms coming out of ice!


  • Moeraki Boulders

Some call them eel baskets, others think that they are giant bowling balls. Regardless of what people say, these magnificent spherical boulders cannot be missed. These giant marbles of clay and mud are formed deep below the sea and look like hollow concrete balls. The Moeraki Boulders are found in New Zealand, stretched across the beautiful KoeKohe Beach.

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  • Rainbow Eucalyptus

The rainbow eucalyptus or rainbow gum is yet another dazzling natural phenomenon. It occurs when layers of the outer bark on trees shed at varying times each year. They mature and darken to give tones of purple, blue, orange, and maroon.

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  • Mammatus Clouds

This phenomenon is also known as “breast clouds” or “mammary clouds”. It refers to a unique meteorological pattern that has pouches hanging below the cloud base!
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