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Abusive Relationship - Am I Dating a Violent Person?

by Rachel Greene

Abusive Relationship, Dating Violent Person, Violent People

Signs You Might Be Dating Someone Violent

When you're in love, it is hard to tell when your partner is being emotionally abusive. Abusive relationships are not merely physical in nature; psychological, emotional and verbal violence often go undetected. Today, there is a higher risk of being involved in an abusive relationship.

abusive relationship

Early signs of abusive relationships

Early signs of an abusive relationship are subtle and don’t carry the typical red flags. Also, during the early stages of any relationship, your partner is less likely to inflict severe damages. Never the less, watch out for these signs:

ï       The blamer: Steer clear from a person who blames their failures and negativity on someone else. Today, they will blame an ex for their misfortune; tomorrow, it will be you. Watch out for these lines, "You are more caring than my ex ever was" or "I wish I'd met you earlier and saved myself from a self-centered, greedy and paranoid person like my ex." When you hear such statements, you may feel special and that your partner really is into to you. But in reality, you are no more a lucky charm than the previous person was. There is a law of blame which says that people who get blamed for misfortunes are typically the ones we are close to.

ï       Entitlement is not endearing: A relationship is positive when both the persons involved are treated equally. If your partner feels that he/she requires more love than you receive, end the relationship and save yourself from the pain. There are other signs of entitlement which is something as mundane as cutting lines or getting easily offended and disappointed. If you stick onto to such a person, after the initial honeymoon phase wears off, you will either get abused for disagreeing or depressed for agreeing to their constant want of special treatment.

ï       Always resentful: People who are resentful drain your energy with their looming negativity. Resentfulness is a negative emotion which stems from the feeling of being treated unfairly. They desperately seek constant praise, appreciation, and rewards. They channelize their energy on how they are given the lesser share or how someone else takes credit for their work. Such people are so lost in their own emotions that they are insensitive to others. Eventually, they will start to resent you.

ï       Overly protective: A classic sign of an abusive relationship is when the partner becomes overly protective. It goes without saying that partner's look out for your safety, but when they cross the line and start calling you every time you're out, something is amiss. There is a distinctive line which separates showing interest in your day and demanding information on where you've been and who you've been speaking to. As time goes, over-possessive partners will limit the time you spend with your friends and family.

ï       Ignore your physical boundaries: Physical intimacy is a natural part of any loving relationship. At the beginning of the relationship, partners recognize the other’s boundaries. There is a fine line between experimenting and forcing the other person to indulge in certain activities. If your partner comments that certain boundaries are lame or silly, it is a sure warning sign that they do not respect you. Coercion is never OK in any relationship.

ï       Criticize your looks or your sense of dressing: Asking your partner, “Do I look OK?” before you step out for the evening is common. When your partner criticizes the way you dress or for that matter, the way you look, it is a sign of abuse. While their inputs on your hairstyle or dress choices are welcome, forcing you to dress in a certain way is not healthy.

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