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Dallas Background Check and Information about Dallas

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Dallas Background Check and Information about Dallas

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Dallas Texas - a lit up sign of Dallas
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Dallas History and Facts

Dallas was originally intended to be a trading post for settlers and native Americans after John Neely Bryan saw its potential. When he returned to the area, half of the people were gone, and Bryan decided to turn the Dallas territory to a permanent settlement.

Over the years, Dallas became Texas' third largest city, and the birthplace of the frozen margarita machine. The city also boasts the largest urban arts district in the United States, the number one visitor and leisure destination in the state (Fort Worth Arlington Metroplex), being the first place with a 7-eleven and many other achievements.

Dalas Texas - an aerial photo of Dallas
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Dallas Like You've Never Know

Dallas has a fascinating combination of a big city life along with a relaxing vibe that you can't find in many other places. The city is famous for being the burial place if infamous criminals - Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow who are buried in different graveyards. Other noted locations in the city include the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport that spreads across a whopping 27 miles!

Dallas is even famous for being a part of the invention of the famous German chocolate cake. The recipe isn't actually from Germany but named after Sam German, who created the dark chocolate in the cake's recipe. The famous dessert was first featured in The Dallas Morning Star in 1957, and the rest is delicious history. If you are a fan of laser tag, you have Dallas' own George Carter to thank for the fun invention that was initially called "photon".

Dallas TX - a family playing laser tag
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Dallas Demographics in Numbers

The population in Dallas is divided to 28.8% whites, 21.9% Hispanics, 25% African Americans, 2.9% Asians and the rest being of different races.

The Dallas area codes are 214, 469 and 972.

The median household income in Dallas is $63,812 (451,833 households).

Things to do in Dallas

The rich history of Dallas makes it a monument with many places that you have to visit, such as the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, Pioneer Plaza, JFK Assassination and Museum sites, Fort Wirth, Cathedral Santuario de Guadalupe and many more. Food and chocolate tours throughout the city are also recommended, and you should try to hit a concert in the legendary House of Blues in Dallas.

Dallas Celebs

Luke and Owen Wilson, Lee Trevino, Robin Right Penn, Aaron Spelling, Rhett Miller, Ryan Cabrera and Demi Lovato are some of the celebs who live and used to live in Dallas.


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