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Bizarre Human Genetics Around the World

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Bizarre Human Genetics Around the World

Every person in the world is made different from the other and is completely unique. In some cases, these differences make the person look beautiful and angelic, while in others it makes the people look absolutely monstrous.

Take a look at some of the most horrific, abnormal, and bizarre human genetics around the world:

The curse of the werewolf

Body hair is a concern for all of us. But for the people suffering from the werewolf syndrome, it is highly debilitating. Medically known as ‘hypertrichosis’, this condition affects only one in a billion people. The affected develop excessive hair on their face, shoulders, and ears, so much so that they begin to resemble the fictional werewolf.

Fedor Jeftichew aka Jo Jo the Dog Faced Boy, a Russian sideshow performer brought to the USA to perform in a freak show, is probably the world’s most famous hypertrichosis patient.

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The case of the Elephant man

When Joseph Merrick walked the streets, people moved out of his way and away from him. When they spoke to him, they called him “Elephant Man”. Merrick suffered from what we know today as Proteus Syndrome – a genetic disease where the tissues, bones, and skin of the face are so enlarged that the face swells in size to epic proportions. The face is so distorted and overgrown, it resembles that of a gothic monster.

The disease, which affects less than one in a million, is fatal. Joseph Merrick had to sleep sitting upright because his body was unable to carry the weight of his head. He died one night of neck dislocation, trying to sleep lying down like a normal person.

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The tale of the lobster claw hand

Limb deformities are a common sight in all parts of the world. But, what happens when there is a human claw in the place of the hand? Known in the medical circles as Ectrodactyly, this condition occurs when there is only a cleft in the place where the middle finger or middle toe needs to be. In extreme cases, only the thumb and little finger or the big toe and the last toe are formed, leaving a large gap in-between, making the limb look like a lobster claw.

Bree Walker, a newsroom anchor from LA was featured in a BBC article about Ectrodactyly. After a few surgeries, Bree’s limbs were minimally corrected and a little movement restored.

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The story of the Tree man

Warts and scabs are painful and ugly. But ask Indonesian Dede Koswara what he feels and he’ll say it’s just another day in his life. Koswara suffers from a very rare genetic mutation called Epidermodysplasia verruciformis, which causes large warts and lesions to develop uncontrollably on his body. The wart looks and feels like a tree bark and covers the body completely. At the peak of his disease, Dede Koswara looked like a living, breathing tree.

Unfortunately, this disease has no cure. Once cut off, the warts come back with a vengeance, bigger, stronger and more surgery-resistant.
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