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Common Dreams and their Meanings

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Common Dreams and their Meanings

They say dreams are symbolic and have meanings. But for a layperson, it’s extremely difficult to interpret dream meanings without help.

Given below are some common dreams and their meaning. Take a look and draw insights from your nightly visions:
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  • Falling

Many people report dreaming of themselves falling. They fall and the dream ends before they hit the ground. Falling, in dreams, is representative of emotional vulnerability. They represent a state where things are out of control and you are unable to steer your own life.

It is also symbolic of holding onto things that must be let go of, such as holding onto the memory of a loved one.

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  • Drowning

If in your dream you drown in water, chances are you are feeling lost and helpless. Drowning is symbolic of being overwhelmed by life’s problems and challenges. You may also be feeling stifled and vulnerable.

The size of the water body in the dream is indicative of the size and complexity of the problem that plagues you.

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  • Being chased

If you’re being chased or are escaping someone in a dream, there is a high possibility that you are avoiding something or someone in reality. Being chased is symbolic of running away from your fears and avoiding having to do something.

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  • Searching for something

Dreams, where you are searching for something, are symbolic of loss. They represent the insecurities and vulnerabilities that you experience. You may be seeking a new identity or a new mission in life, which may make you feel vulnerable. Fear is an emotion that colors this type of dreams.
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  • Giving an examination

Sometimes you may dream of yourself as a student giving a test. These dreams are representative of being judged. If you are experiencing anxiety about doing a particular task, in reality, these insecurities will seep into your dreams.

These dreams also indicate your own lack of self-confidence and the fear that you may not live up to someone else’s expectations.

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  • Flying

Dreams that involve flying have various meanings. They could indicate a desire for freedom or control. Flying in an obstacle-ridden environment may represent a lack of control over life. Freud believed flying in dreams represented repressed sexual desire.

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  • Death

Dreams that involve death are often viewed as negative. However, in most cases, they are representative of transformation and change. These dreams are indicative of the death of the old and birth of the new. They also symbolize rebirth.
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