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How to Avoid Cyber Bullying!

by Rachel Greene

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How to Avoid Online Bullying

Most bad decisions made by young adults are driven by peer pressure. Back in the day when socializing meant meeting a bunch of people face to face, bullying was in the form of a shakedown for lunch money or the sorts. Neither was bullying an acceptable behavior then, nor now. A ray of hope for teenagers before was that the bullying ended when school was dismissed. Now, there is no respite from bullying. Cyberbullying is a growing concern for parents with young children. Young adults and children fail to follow ‘netiuqettes’ and end up becoming a victim of cyberbullying. Unfortunately, most of these incidents of cyberbullying go unnoticed by parents making the child suffer alone.

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Are you being cyberbullied?

Cyberbullying is not as direct as normal bullying. You are a victim of cyberbullying when you’re being tormented, humiliated, harassed or directly targeted by another net user. Instances of cyberbullying are when you receive a derogatory text, emails, rumors spread about you, fake profiles, leaking embarrassing videos and pictures. Cyberbullying is worse because the bully, in most cases, is a stranger. 

How to avoid cyberbullying?

Preventing cyberbullying is the best defense approach to tackle the issue. Prevent cyberbullying with these tips.

ï       Never post personal information on the internet: The lines between personal and non-personal information is blurred. Internet users pour out their lives to find solace in the web oblivious to the possibilities that the information could be misused. Negativity and image shamming are merely two derogatory means of cyberbullying. When you share personal information, you are setting yourself up as a potential target. Personal information that you should never share publically is location, especially your home, phone number, banking information, credit card details, identification, work rants, complaints, and harsh options.

ï       Talk about it: Suffering in silence is not the mask of being brave that you take shelter behind; talk to your parents or friends about the incident. Bullying has a deep psychological impact. Protect your mental health from being clouded by negativity by voicing out your concerns, in person and not on social media again. If you’re being bullied, posting about the incident will welcome more opinions and never the solution. Talking about it is the only way to heal.

ï       Resist the urge to forward chain emails, long emails or hoaxes: Chain emails mostly end up being useless. There is more false news on the web today than before. The credibility of stories and incidents posted on the web is questionable. Do your research before you get involved in spreading false words! Any email which alters of an urgent alert on money-making chances, computer virus, a child’s last wish, is definitely a scam.

ï       A video sent by an unknown user about kittens is better left unopened: If you don’t know the user, don’t open the email; as simple as that. Files opened from unknown users can potentially infect your computer with a malware or virus. Before you open an email from an unknown source, think whether it work-related; if such a file was expected from the sender, scan the file before downloading the attachment, and check the file type.

ï       Read and proofread your messages: Most forms of online bullying from a known source starts with miscommunication. Interpretation of the meaning behind the words typed out is biased according to reader’s psyche. Personal comments are often misconstrued and an innocuous statement becomes deeply hurtful. Pay attention to what you type before clicking on the ‘send’ icon.

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The virtual world of the internet is a mean place and in order to survive, you need to look out for yourself and stop being gullible. If you need help, you can contact to get immediate help! If you believe you are being bullied by cyber bullies, call 911 right away! 

Run a background check on anyone who you think might have bullying personality or criminal records! 

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