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Five Companies that are Socially Active

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Five Companies that are Socially Active

 We live in a world that is socially aware. We know about poverty, we know about the threats faced by the environment, and we know about crimes against humanity. It is no longer acceptable to just sit back and do nothing while dangerous and damaging occurrences happen around us. As part of the human race and the citizens of earth, we have a social responsibility to do what we can, when we can to make things better. The same goes for businesses. Each company has a responsibility to humanity and the planet, to be socially involved and to give back in whatever way possible. There are some companies who do commendable work in this area and their contributions to society are admirable. Here is a list of the top five socially active companies:

Thrive Market:
Founded by Nick Green, Gunnar Lovelace, Kate Mulling, and Sasha Siddhartha, Thrive Market aims to provide healthy food for all at affordable prices. Thrive Market is a membership-based, e-commerce retailer in the United States. For a membership fee of $59.95, members receive 25-50% off on retail prices of health foods including organic produce and non GMO foods. For every new membership, Thrive Market donates a membership to a low-income family, war veteran or public school teacher. The program is called Thrive Gives and has donated over 350,000 memberships. Thrive Market has also teamed up with the True Sioux Hope Foundation and Feeding America to help native communities and donate to the non-profit respectively. Thrive Market is involved in several other charitable ventures.

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Bravelets: Founded by Stephanie Hanson, Bravelets is a jewelry line that features the words be brave. From her own difficult situation of dealing with her mother’s cancer diagnosis, Stephanie decided to create something to remind her and her family to remain brave. Her line now inspires people all over, to have strength in tough situations. For every purchase, Bravelets donates 10% of the sale to a cause of the customer’s choice. Some of these causes include the America Cancer Society, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, and the National Autism Association, among others. Bravelets has donated around $3 million to charity.

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It is no secret that Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates are philanthropists and highly involved in charitable acts, but Microsoft as a company too is socially active. Right from 1983 when the company was still in its early stages, it raised $17,000 for charity. As the company grew, so did its donations. Microsoft’s Employees Giving Campaign raised $125 million in 2015 which was donated to more than 18,000 schools and non-profits across the world.

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IKEA: The Swedish-based global furniture giant is most certainly doing its part for society. IKEA makes it a point to source almost 50% of the wood used in its furniture from sustainable forests. All the cotton that the company uses comes from farms that abide by the Better Cotton Standards. The Better Cotton Standards mandate less use of water, electricity, and chemical fertilizer and pesticides. IKEA stores have more than 700,000 solar panels powering its stores in a commitment to use green, renewable energy.


Google: The world’s favorite search engine is also a highly socially responsible company. The company has several measures in place to reduce its carbon footprint and produce environmentally friendly products. Reducing energy use in their data centers, using environmentally friendly commuting facilities, and recycling their old machines, Google makes sure to do its bit for the environment. The company also supports a lot of good causes. As of September 2017, Google is ranked number one as the most socially responsible corporate.




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