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Free Unclaimed Money - What is it?

by Rachel Greene

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What is Free Unclaimed Money Search?

Over the past few years, there have been many reports of unclaimed money with the increased awareness to existence of such funds. Governments all over the United States have been releasing announcements about unclaimed money, and asking people to claim back the funds they deserve.

However, there are still many people all over the country who remain unaware of money they are entitled to, as well as money that belongs to their family. There is a great chance that you are one of those people, and now it is time to find out what is unclaimed money, and also to learn how you can get it back.

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Lets look into - What is Unclaimed Money?

Unclaimed money is a term used to describe funds that have been left behind by people who earned them, but forgot they existed. When people in the United States move from one place to another, switch banks, switch jobs, and go through any other changes that involve money, they leave money behind.

The money, which can be found in different financial establishments, gets accumulated, and the people it belongs forget, or are unaware of its existence. Lost money can be usually found in several common, places, such as:

  • Life insurance
  • Tax refunds
  • Pensions
  • State-held unclaimed property
  • Uncashed paychecks
  • Savings bonds (Only in the U.S)

As of today, there are nearly $60 billion of abandoned money in the United States, and millions of Americans who are entitled to money without being aware of it. By using an unclaimed money search service, you can find lost money that belongs to you and your family, and claim it back from the proper authorities.

free unclaimed money

How to Find Unclaimed Money

Finding unclaimed money can be very difficult and time consuming, especially if you moved between two states or more. Locating such funds in person requires searching for it with different financial authorities, such as your previous pension handler, which takes a lot of time.

Instead of searching for lost funds in every place that used to handle your funds, you can use GoLookUp’s advanced and accurate unclaimed money search service.

All you have to do to search for the money you are entitled to is type in your first name, last name, and the name of the state where unclaimed money might be, into GoLookUp’s search query. When you do, the sites advanced search engine wil scan millions of public records to search, and find, any lost funds that are under your name.

The results will be provided to you within a few minutes, so you will be able to receive information about the location of your money in no time. You will also receive information about the amount of money you are entitled to, with an average of $900 per every person who has unclaimed money under their name.

Aside from the lost money that you are entitled to, GoLookUp can also locate funds that belongs to your family members, living or deceased. The search process is the same as the process of finding money under you name, meaning you will need to provide the name and the state where lost money could be located in.

Once you find unclaimed money that belongs to you or your family members, you can fill out the form available on GoLookUp, and file it with the proper authorities. Once you file the request, the money will be send to you with a check within 120 days.

With billions of dollars of unclaimed money found all across the US, there is a great chance that you are entitled to money you are unaware of. To find unclaimed money quickly and easily, use GoLookUp that will locate the money for you, and help you claim it back.   


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