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How Friendly Should You Get With Your Co-Workers?

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The Pros and Cons of Becoming Friends With Coworkers

Hitting it off with a person from work could be great. But it also comes with a set of disadvantages. There are things you’ll need to keep in mind whenever you get in a relationship with a coworker, no matter the kind of relationship. There is always a good chance that workplace banter and the corporate environment could interfere in your friendship. So when you really think about it, is that close friendship you found at work really an asset? Or has it become a liability? There is a reason behind why people keep their personal life as such, and their professional life strictly professional. 

It’s understandable that you’ll want someone in your corner, cheering you on, in your workplace. But no matter how close you are, there are just certain things that you should not divulge like:

  • Your financial history, current salary, or just anything related to your personal finance in general. 
  • Your health and illness concerns. 
  • Your sexual history. 
  • Your job performance reviews and reports.
  • Your personal issues that could cause some kind of a rift between the two of you. 
pros and cons of workplace friendships
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Here are a few pros and cons to having a friend and work to help you decide whether it’s the best idea or not:


When you have a friend at work

1. You have someone who understands your frustrations

You’ll always have someone to vent to. Your workplace friend will always know the right thing to say because it’s likely that they’re also going through something similar if your frustrations are work related. When you face setbacks at work, your friend could act as an outlet for your anger, which lets you get back to your feet and back to work in no time. 

2. You have someone who has your back 

Your co-workers know a very large chunk of your life without even trying. They know your professional environment. This can usually mean that they have your back no matter the situation. It’s more likely that they’ll understand it better than friends you have in your social circles outside of work. There are rarely any misunderstandings because your coworkers usually know the reason behind your anger and frustration.

pros and cons of workplace friendships
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3. You have someone who can make the workplace a little friendlier

Working a 9 to 5 job on a daily basis can be tiring. When you have a friend at work, you can be freer and look forward to every new day rather than dread it. There’s always a fun factor involved. When you have someone in your corner at work, you’ll feel more at ease and this can spur on out-of-the-box ideas and innovative pitches. 

Moreover, the work environment just becomes a generally enjoyable place when you have someone who cares about and appreciates you. 


When you have a friend at work:

1. Your work environment can start to seem unprofessional 

When you’re always talking to your friend, you might forget about the actual work at hand and that can get you in a lot of trouble. First and foremost, focus on doing the job which you were hired to do. 

2. Your other co-workers could have feelings of resentment towards your friendship 

As much as having someone in your corner is nice, when other people see your friend take your side during an argument, they could start harboring negative feelings towards the both of you, which in turn, can result in workplace conflict. 

pros and cons of workplace friendships
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3. There’s always a chance that your friend is using you for professional gains

If the person you considered a friend for so long turns out to be phony, how would that make you feel? Where would that leave you? You are exposing yourself to sabotage and backstabbing. 

At the end of the day, after you’ve considered all your options, you should be the one to decide how friendly you want to get with a co-worker. 


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