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Facts about Gangs!

by Michael E.

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Facts about Gangs:

A gang by definition is an organized group of people who take part in criminal activities.

In the United States that are several different types of gangs.

There are local gangs who are also known as street gangs.

There motorcycle gang clubs

There are prison gangs

And there are organized crime gangs.


There is an estimated number of 30,000 active gang members across the United States.

Most street gangs started in big cities like: New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

85% of gang activity takes place in big cities int he United States.

People who join gangs do if often time due to lack of opportunities and low social economic conditions. they join gangs in order to make money and find a place to sleep or eat.

Other reasons is protection from other gangs or gang members, peer pressure, or family tradition. Some people are simply attracted to criminal life and do it out of choice.

There are many personal reasons as to why people join gangs.

Many gangs are run in a very organized, professional manner, much of it for the purpose of profits.

All gangs use violence as a way of controlling territories.

In order to decrease crime, gangs and gang activities the FBI has set up a task force called the National Gang Intelligence Center and the Transnational Anti Gang Task force.

In the united states for a gang to be treated as a gang it must have at least 3 members.

They must also adopt a group identity with the intention of intimidating others. They also need to engage in criminal activities. Further more, they must use rules and organization membership.

Gangs always claim a territory and use violence to control that territory.

Gangs in many cases are organized by race and ethnicity.

Gang members usually wear identifying clothing or patches.

Gangs in the United States are responsible for a lot of violence which takes place on school and off school property.

To doing a Gang, one must pass a membership test.

Over 80% of USA cities report gang activities

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