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How to List Items on Craigslist

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Tips and Advice How to List Items on Craigslist Website

You can sell practically anything on Craigslist, from books and furniture to clothing and electronics. If you're just longing to get rid of something, you can even list items as free. While posting on the online classifieds site is easy enough, certain tips will help make your advertisement more successful.

Start with some prep work

Gather the items that you want to unload. If you are planning on selling anything that can be cleaned (clothes, a used bicycle, a table), do so. This will make your item look more enticing to potential buyers. Determine the basic specifications of merchandise, such as size/measurements, brands, and technical specifications for any electronics. Think about how much you can realistically sell your item for. You can look at or to see what similar items are priced at. Photograph anything you are planning on listing. Make sure that you photograph it in good (ideally, natural) light and in a clutter-free environment. If what you're selling comes with any accessories, include those as well. Take photos from a variety of angles.

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Find your local Craigslist site

First, you need to navigate in your browser to Once you're on the website's homepage, you should choose your location. On the right side of the page, you should see several major cities listed. If you don't live in any of those cities, click on the link for US states. After selecting your state, you'll then see a list of cities in that state. Choose the one that is closest to you. Choose only one location, since posting the same ad in multiple cities is against the site's Terms of Use.

Choose the right type of classified

On the left side of the Craigslist website, you should see a button that says "post to classifieds." Select the link, and then choose what type of posting is accurate. You will have options including "for sale by owner" and "for sale by dealer." Most likely, if you are a private individual, you should choose "for sale by owner." Next, you will see a long list of categories such as antiques, auto parts, cell phones, jewelry, sporting goods, free stuff, and more. Decide which category is appropriate. If none seem quite right, you can select "general for sale." You'll then be able to narrow down your exact location.

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Create your advertisement

Now you will enter all of the information for your posting.

Posting Title: Come up with a clear headline with terms that buyers are likely to be searching for. Include the general name of the item and brand if possible. Color and general size can also be appropriate here, such as "Large White Macy's Dresser" or "Red Keurig Coffee Maker."

Price: how much you are selling the item for. Consider making it slightly higher than how much you're willing to accept since people will likely try to haggle with you.

Specific location: Don't enter your address here but include your part of town. For example, "Southwest Miami" or "near the university."

Reply to: This is where your email address goes, but don't worry: you can choose to have an anonymous address created for this ad in order to avoid spam. You can choose to include your phone number if desired.

Posting Description: Here you should include what you are selling including the brand, color, how old it is, and any specifications. You should also write about the item's condition, making sure to mention if there is any damage, even if it is just a minor scratch. You can look at professional ads on different store websites to get an idea of how to phrase your posting description.

Check "ok for others to contact you" if you don't mind getting unsolicited emails.

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Add images: While submitting photos is optional, many people won't respond to ads without them. Upload as many pictures as you can from different angles. Try to make the photos attractive and enticing. Once you've uploaded your pictures, click "Done with images."

Finally, double check everything to ensure you've filled out the advertisement to your liking. Make sure you spell check and use good grammar here so that your advertisement looks professional and more alluring to buyers. You can click "Edit Text" or "Edit Images" if you need to make changes.

Click the "continue" button at the bottom of the page. An email notification will be sent to you. Respond as directed to the email so that your posting becomes active.


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