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How Good is Netflix! Why You Should Get Netflix!

by Rachel Greene

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How Good is Netflix

The word Netflix today has almost become synonymous with word TV. The streaming service known as Netflix has changed the game in the television industry and is rapidly disrupting the movie industry as well. Netflix is basically an online streaming service that allows people to watch a wide range of TV series, movies, documentaries and other kinds of shows on all kinds of devices that can access the internet. Anyone that has an internet connection on their smartphone or laptop can begin streaming on Netflix and start watching their favorite TV shows.

While Netflix is surely dominating the market, other streaming services such Amazon Prime and Hulu have made their appearances which are aggressively competing with Netflix to be the top online streaming service. How good does Netflix stand when compared to these streaming services is often a matter of the choice of shows of available on both, but if one were to take a bird’s eye view and take into the account all aspects of the services that they offer, then some of the features of Netflix stand out. Mentioned below are some of the important features of Netflix that makes it one of the best online streaming service available to customers.

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  • Offers a one-month free trial period- Amazon Prime also offer a 30-day free trial period, but that is restricted only to those with their Prime membership, which costs a subscription amount. Netflix, on the other hand, offers its free one month trial period to any subscriber. The one month free trial period is an excellent feature as it offers its viewers the opportunity to watch award-winning and critically acclaimed shows for free on the internet. This exclusive feature allows Netflix users to view a wide range of TV series within the span of just one month itself. This is ample time for an avid watcher of TV series to easily get hooked on to Netflix.
  • A wide range of subscription plans including 4K- Netflix has three main subscription plans. The basic plan allows for standard definition streaming and has only one streaming account assigned to the username. The second plan, known as the standard plan has HD streaming capabilities and allows for the use of two simultaneous streaming accounts. The final plan known as the premium plan offers the best feature including 4K streaming facility and access to four simultaneous streaming accounts.
  • Has the largest collection of TV Shows- Netflix by far has the largest collection of TV shows when compared with any other network or streaming facility. Netflix also has the largest collection of award-winning documentaries, critically acclaimed TV shows and movies. Networks with their own private streaming services also release their shows on Netflix due it the popularity of the platform. Netflix has become the single point stop for watching TV series and a wide range of shows.
  • Netflix has no commercials- This is probably the best feature of Netflix. Netflix has no commercials of any variety whatsoever. It has zero commercials on its homepage or on any of its pages. The TV shows start and end without any kind of commercials. This makes for a more immersive experience that no other platform provides.
  • Netflix works on all kinds of IoT devices- Netflix is compatible with the PlayStation, blu-ray players, Wii, Smartphones, tablets and pads, laptops and Google TV. By being compatible with all forms of digital devices, Netflix has given viewers the freedom to access Netflix at their ease from any location. Waiting for a flight or a train or sitting alone at a restaurant doesn’t have to be a boring affair thanks to the wide platform support of Netflix.
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