How to Background Check

By InfoHub — Nov 22nd, 2017

How to Background Check
How to Run a Background Check with GoLookUp:

GoLookUp is a Detailed, up-to-date Data Analysis company. We Collect, Organize and Aggregate Millions of Records from Thousands of Resources and compile them into Easy to Access, Easy to Read Reports! GoLookUp Allows anyone to Perform Background Checks, Reverse Phone Searches, Unclaimed Money Searches, Address Searches, Social Searches and Much More!

To start - Go to and click on Background Check Tab. 

background check

Once you type in your Desired Search Name. GoLookUp will Create an Initial Access Session Attempt to find the Correct Person, which you are searching for:

background check lookup

Following  an initial search has occurred, GoLookUp will promote you to Select a Results from the Background Check Data Base. 

background check success

Once you have Selected the right Person. GoLookUp will then create a secured connection to the system, to continue and retrieve the correct background information, for the person you are searching.

search background

Following a Secured Connection as been made, GoLookUp system will Being Retrieving Social Information from various applications and websites related to your search

background check social 

Next, you will have to answer GoLookUp Security questions to ensure you are at least 18 years old of age, and Agree to Follow the websites, terms and conditions.

background security check

Once you have agreed to comply with the Sites Terms, GoLookUp will begin Retrieving State, Federal & Public Records for your Desired Search.

background check data

At the moment GoLookUp system has pulled these records, the system will continue to unlock more sensitive information.

background check data unlock

Once the system has completed the Last and Final Data Unlock, You will be able to Register and create your account with GoLookUp

background check signup

Your Last and Final Action is to Choose your Membership Level with GoLookUp.There are a number of membership options. Choose the Plan that best suits you! 

background check membership


GoLookUp Offers 100% Money Back Guarantee, as well as a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; customer service support. GoLookUp offers UNLIMITED searches for Background Checks, Reverse Phone Lookups, Social Searches, Email Searches, Property Information, Unclaimed Money Searches, Criminal Records Search, Sex Offender Search, and Much More.

See How to Run a Background Check with this Easy Step Video


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