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How to Choose a Good Babysitter

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Tips and Advice on How to Choose a Good and Safe Babysitter

There is no need to say that our children are the most important people in our lives, and the great majority of parents do everything they can to protect them. While we would all like to keep a watchful eye on our children at all timea, we have obligations that keep us away from them sometimes and bring up the need to provide them with a caretaker who will be with them.

Luckily, there are great babysitters out there who love children and take care of them when their parents are busy. There are also babysitters that no parent would want their child to be with, and some kids were even injured at the hands of babysitters with a violent streak.

If you want to make sure your kids are safe while you are at work or out of your home, these are the 4 tips that will help you choose the best babysitter for them:

1. Plan ahead the interview questions
When interviewing potential babysitters, write down the questions you want to ask them, like what is your experience? Do you know CPR? How many families have you worked with? Etc. Before asking these questions, also make sure that you have a clear idea of your and your children's needs and check whether the answers are the ones you were hoping to hear.

2. Ask for references
When you narrow down the list of babysitters you are considering, call them and ask them for written references from families they worked with. When you get the references, check to see if the families that wrote them down have similar characteristics as your own family. This will help you find out what kind of responsibilities the babysitters had and if they are similar to the ones that come with your family. Finding a good babysitter has a lot to do with meeting your expectations, so make sure the person sitting in front of you has experience handling the duties in your home.

3. Check the past
References are all well and good, by they can be falsified by the potential babysitters' family or friends to make them seem better than they actually are. To make sure you have all the necessary information about the candidates' past, you can look at their social media profiles and also run a background check. The accurate information in background checks can help you find out if the babysitters you are considering of hiring have a violent criminal past. It can also help you discover if they have any aliases, criminal records, find their real contact information, if they are registered sex offenders and many more details that you need in order to make sure your children are safe.

4. Do a real time test
When you interview babysitters, make sure to do it when your children are home. After you speak to the candidates, let them talk and play with your kids for a few minutes to see how they interact with one another and if your children feel comfortable with them.

Having a babysitter can be very helpful for busy parents who need help from time to time, or even on a daily basis. When choosing the person for the job, use the helpful tips listed above to make sure your kids are in good hands and that they are safe even of you are not around.


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