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How to Find Your Birth Mother

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How to Find Your Mother Using a People Search Engine

Getting separated from birth mother, for whatever reason it may be, is difficult at any age, and many adults who are estranged from their moms can attest to that. People that were adopted after birth, or lost touch with their birth mother later on in life, will always walk around with difficult questions about their identity and who they really are. If you are one of those people and you want to find your birth mother, it's easier and faster than you think:

What You Will Need:

In order to find your birth mother, you will need at least one of the following pieces of information:

1. First name, middle name, last name
2. One of her past addresses
3. One of her past phone numbers
4. Name of one of her relatives/friends
5. One of the cities/states she lived in
6. Her age

If you don't have any of the details listed above, you can access your birth records and your birth certificate to find them out. By conducting a people search on GoLookUp using your own information, you can dig up your birth certificate and find the information on it. Any name that is listed on your birth certificate can get you closer to finding your birth mom, so use it to discover at least one piece of information about her.

Finding Your Birth Mother
Once you have details about your birth mother, or any other person that was a part of her life, you can search for her current contact information. To do that, go to and use one of these search engines to help you get to the person you're looking for:

1. People search – if you have your birth mother's name, you can type it in the people search engine and search for her contact information, or any other information that can help you find her. The website provides you with unlimited searches, so you can conduct several searches if you misspell the name of the person you are searching for.

2. Reverse phone number lookup – if you have a current or old phone number that belonged to your birth mother, you can run a reverse phone number search on it and discover the past and current information about it. The reverse phone number lookup provides you with a detailed report on the person who owns, or used to owns it – including all the phone numbers they had since their contact information changed.

3. Reverse address lookup – a reverse address lookup is the same as a reverse phone number lookup, but it uses an address instead of a phone number to search for people. If you have the current, or any past address that belongs to your birth mother, you can enter it into GoLookUp and search for her.

Getting in touch with your birth mother can be a profound experience, and it's up to you to decide if you want to do it. In any case and whatever you decide, you can search for your birth mother using GoLookUp and answer questions you may have about her past, and yours.

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