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Idaho Public Records - What you should know!

by Michael E.

Idaho Public Records, Public Records Idaho

Idaho Public Records

The public records in Idaho contain information about the government to allow residents to acquire information quickly and efficiently about the actions taken by the state's leaders. Other public records available to Idaho residents include court records, criminal records, vital records and state background checks. The Idaho Public Records Act was established in 1990, and it allows access to all state records that are all presumed to be open records.

Idaho public records do not include court records pertaining to juveniles, law enforcement investigations, the release of confidentiality, voting records of the sexual offender classification board, workers compensation records, records concerning discrimination investigations, current and former public employees, hospital and medical care records, income tax information, voter registration cards,  Idaho Housing and Finance Association, trade secrets including academic research, records in the address confidentiality program, archaeological records and endangered species locations, underwriting and claims records of the Idaho petroleum clean water trust fund, trade secrets including academic research and judicial authorization of abortions for minors.

Any person can request access to public records in Idaho without having to file a statement of purpose. The requests are filled within three days, and in some cases, access can be denied.

idaho public records

Idaho – Laws and Vital Information

The Idaho Constitution was adopted on August, 1889 and it includes 21 articles, and has been amended over 100 times, but has never gone under major revisions, unlike other state constitutions. The state of Idaho is divided into 35 35 legislative districts that each one elects one senator and two representatives.

Fees for Public Records in Idaho

If searching and recovering Idaho public records takes less than 2 hours, or if there are less than 100 pages, fees are waived (you must file a request for a waiver to avoid payment). If the search lasts over 2 hours, you will have to pay a fee of $11 per every hour. If the Office of the Attorney General is required to review the records, fees are $26 per hour.

  • Copies of public records cost 20 cents per page (black and white photocopy) and 80 cents per sheet for color photocopies (prices apply for a standard 8.5 × 11-inch paper). Additional costs include:
  • Retrieval of archived information - $2.50 per file, $3.00 per box
  • Expedited retrieval of archived information - Additional $10.00 fee for delivery

What are Free Background Checks and How Do They Work

To gain access to Idaho public records, and perform Idaho background checks, you must file requests with the agency that holds the records you need. Another option is to use background check search websites that contain all the public records in the state of Idaho. Today you can choose between free background checks and paid background checks. While a free service may sound better, it will not give you all the information that you need. Some "free" background check websites provide basic access to public records and later on ask for a fee per a subscription or for every search they perform. Therefore, such websites are only free for a short period of time, and to get access to all the Idaho public records you want, you will have to pay the fees.

Other free background check websites are indeed free, but they have very limited access to public records. The truly free sites simply don't have the means and the resources to gain access to all the public records online and provide you with the information you want on a people, companies, etc.,

Finding Public Records by Running a Background Check with a Legitimate Service

Unlike free background check websites, GoLookUp not only provides you with access to all the public records in the US, but also provides you with detailed reports within a few minutes. To find information about any person in Idaho or even the entire country, simply enter some basic details into GoLookUp's search directories, and we will do the rest.

The advanced and quick directories on GoLookUp compile public records and background check reports within a few minutes, and the result is a detailed public records report that includes arrest records, contact information, education, social media accounts, past sexual offenses and much more. With GoLookUp, you can be certain that you will receive all the information you need without having to send out requests and wait for several days for each report. Just go on the website and get unlimited access to Idaho public records.

You can perform a public records search with GoLookUp and gain access to unlimited public records searches. 


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