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Is the World Safer Now than 10 Years ago?

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Are the World and America a Safer Places than 10 Years Ago
The question of whether the world is becoming safer pops up every once in a while, and although some think that the world is indeed safer, there are those who disagree with them. The news in the past few years have shown terrifying incidents of mass shootings and violent crimes that have been committed all across America, but apparently there's more to crime stats than just what is shown in the media. Despite opposing opinions on the matter, one thing is for sure – you can't argue with numbers and the figures show that the world is becoming a safer place as time goes by. Or can you? 

is the world a safer place in the 21st century?
According to an article published by The Washington Post titled “There’s Never Been a Safer Time to Be a Kid in America", the numbers definitely show that the world in general, and America especially have become safer. The number of child deaths has dropped in the past few decades, there are less violent crimes throughout the country and also less cases of missing people. On that matter, nowadays those are reported as missing are mostly runaways and not minors that have been abducted.
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And what about the crimes?
When it comes to crimes, there is where things get a little complicated… the stats show a decrease in the number of crimes committed over the past decade, but that has more to do than just the number of criminals and crimes in America. Changes in definitions of laws and regulations, like changes in what is a drug related crime, have caused the number of crimes to drop because certain things are no longer considered to be illegal.

Along with the definition of what is illegal, the distribution of crimes also affects the numbers and stats of crimes in America. While crimes have decreased in certain areas in the country, other places are suffering from an increase in the number of crimes in their area. Combine that with the fact that many crimes go unreported, and the bubble of a safer world bursts pretty quickly.
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So, is the world a safer place in the 21st century?
When posing the question of whether or not the world has become a safer place in the past few years, there is a discrepancy between reported crimes and crimes that are committed and not reoprted. The stats may show that the number of crimes has dropped in the past decade, but it has more to do with the definitions of what is legal and illegal than with reality.

In an overall view, things have definitely changed for the better, but you can never be too careful when it comes to your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Like with everything else in life, statistics mean nothing to the individual, so you should take the stats and bottom lines with grain of salt and use the tools you have at your disposal to know more about the people in your life and about your surroundings.


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