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Maryland Public Records - What You Need to Know!

by Roger W.

Maryland Public Records, Public Records Maryland,

Maryland Public Records

As part of the national Freedom of Information Act (FIOA), Maryland residents are entitled to have access to unclassified state records. Such records include …"records of government bodies at all levels in Maryland. Public records are defined by the Code of Maryland as documents in any form, made or received by a public body which pertain to government business."

Besides state records, Maryland residents also have the right to access personal public records, under the FOIA. Vital records (birth records and death records) are held by the Maryland Department of Health, and certificates can be provided upon request.

Marriage records and divorce records are maintained by the Vital Statistics Administration, a division of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Such records can also be provided upon request, and payment of the proper fees.

Criminal records and background checks can be obtained from the Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services in Maryland. Criminal information can be obtained via phone or fax.

maryland public records

Maryland – Laws and Vital Information

The current constitution of Maryland was approved by the people on September 18, 1867, and it replaced the Maryland Constitution of 1864. The 1864 constitution was replaced, as it was no longer relevant after the civil war.

The 1867 constitution better reflected the changes in the state of Maryland, and it consists of approximately 47,000 words – longer than the average state constitution. The fourth and current constitution of the state of Maryland is compiled of a declaration of rights, as well as 29 articles that define the laws in the state.

Fees for Public Records in Maryland

You can request to receive copies of vital records from the Maryland Department of Health, and the fees for these records are as follows:

  • Birth records - $1​0.00
  • Death records - $10.00​
  • Marriage records - $12.00​
  • Divorce Verification - $12.00

Requests can be made in person, via mail, online or by phone order. Fees for all the above records are $11.75 when ordered via phone or the internet.

Criminal records are provided by the Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services in Maryland, and fees are as follows:

  • State background check only - $18.00
  • Full background [state and FBI] - for authorized agencies only - $30.00

*There is also a $20.00 fingerprint service fee per every customer.

What are Free Background Checks and How Do They Work

For those of you who wish to conduct a public records search in Maryland without having to go to different agencies and requesting each of separately, you can perform a free background check. Before you do so, it's important to know exactly what you get when performing a free background check.

First of all, some free background check websites aren't exactly free of charge. Some sites that advertise themselves as free provide their users with very basic information without charging them for the service. Those who want a full background check report will have to pay a fee to get access to all public records pertaining to a certain person,

Beside these types of "free" background check websites, you will also find sites that do not charge fees for public records checks. However, the advantage of sites like this being free is overshadowed by lack of information and proper services. Completely free background check websites simply don't have the resources to gain and give access to all Maryland public records. Also, free background check websites don't provide their users with protection on their information, or with customer support in case they have trouble using the public records search service.

Finding Public Records by Running a Background Check with a Legitimate Service

The best way to conduct a Maryland background check is by using GoLookUp – a professional public records search website. GoLookUp provides all its users with a round-the-clock customer service, as well as full access to Maryland public records. With GoLookUp you are able to conduct a background check and receive results within minutes.

You can perform the quick background search in any number of ways, including reverse phone number search, reverse email search, reverse email lookup, and a name-based people search. With GoLookUp you can also be certain that all your searches and personal data remain safe and confidential, so you can perform all the searches you need in one place.


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