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Mystery Crimes in 2018

by Cindy Simons

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Mystery Crimes 2018

Unsolved crimes have a way of evoking our imagination, and making us become amateur detectives, trying to solve the puzzle. Sadly, mystery crimes are not just the stuff of crime novels, but a harsh reality for the families of friends of victims that were killed or vanished without leaving a trace.

2018 was a landmark year for several high-profile cold cases that were finally solved in ways people could have never imagined. These next 5 unsolved mystery crimes got their resolution in 2018, which hopefully gave some peace to the families who spent decades wondering what really happened to their loved ones.

  1. The Golden State Killer

Between 1976 and 1986, California women dreaded the Golden State Killer who claimed dozens of victims. Over a time period of 10 years, the mystery criminal raped 45 women, and killed 12 women with the police being unable to track him down. In 2018, the case was finally cracked when police arrested 72-year-old Joseph James DeAngelo, who is believed to be the Golden State Killer. Police kept things under wraps, and was unwilling to disclose what led them to DeAngelo. What investigators were willing to reveal was that a DNA sample extracted from DeAngelo's home matched an evidence sample in the case. DeAngelo is currently held in jail with no bond after being charged with 8 of the 12 murders in the Golden State Killer Case.


  1. Louise Pietrewicz

In 1966, 38-year-old Louise Pietrewicz's bank account was emptied, followed by her disappearance. Louise had a boyfriend at the time, Police officer William P. Boken, who resigned from his duty a day after she disappeared. Boken passed away in 1982, and it wasn't until recently that his former wife gave an eerie detail about her husband; according to Boken's wife, he had a body buried in the basement of his Southold, NY, home. Police acted on the news and went to the home in question, where they found Louise's remains buried under 7 feet of dirt.


  1. Buckskin Girl

Sometimes new evidence helps solve decades worth of mysteries, and that was what happened with "Buckskin Girl". In 1981, a body of a young woman was found in a ditch along an Ohio roadway. Forensic examination of the body revealed that the victim suffered a blunt force trauma to the head, and that she was strangled to death. The unknown woman got the nickname Buckskin Girl because she was wearing a fringed buckskin jacket. Her identity remained a mystery up until April 2018. Authorities were able to ID the young woman as Marcia L. King, a 21-year-old from Arkansas, thanks to DNA samples that were a match to the body.


  1. Frankie Welsey McAlister

Frank Wesley McAlister, a 19-year-old California resident, was stabbed to death in 1993, and his remains were found in 1994 in Shingletown, near Grace and Nora lakes. Police were unable to solve the case, and it became one of many cold cases along the years. A surprise confession made by now 44-year-old Brian Keith Hawkins made it possible to close the case, and bring closure to Frank's family. Hawkins called the KRCR TV station and said he could no longer live with the guilt of Frank's murder. Hawkins confessed to killing McAlister, along with two accomplices - Curtis Culver, 45, and Shanna Culver, 46. The three were arrested on murder chargers in January 2018, and the mystery behind Frank's murder was finally solved.


  1. Mandy Steingasser

17-year-old Mandy Steingasser of North Tonawanda, NY, went missing in 1993, and her body was found five weeks after she disappeared. The teenager's body was found, decomposing, in Bond Lake Park in Lewiston, NY. The main suspect in the murder case was Steingasser's classmate, Joseph Belstadt, who was the last person she was seen with. Retired detective Gabriel Di Bernardo said Belstadt was as suspect all along, but police didn't have evidence to link him to the crime. On April 2018, authorities were able to find enough evidence to charge Belstadt with Steingasser's murder, putting an end to the 25-year-old mystery.

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