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Online Dating Statistics - What are they?

by Rachel Greene

Online Dating Statistics, Online Dating, Dating Online

Online Dating Statistics - What are They

Gone are the days when you exclusively met prospective partners through work, friends or classified ads. In the backdrop of technological dominance, partners meet on dating sites. In fact, there are over a million people around the world who’ve met their partner online. Here are the online dating statistics over the last year till present, some of which are will blow your mind away.

online dating

Online dating statistics

ï       There are over 7500 online dating sites, worldwide: Although the number of online dating sites in the world seems small, 2500 of the 7500 are exclusively operated in the United States. There are even sites for clowns, sea captains, and Trekkie.

ï       Match is the leader of online dating sites: One of the most popular and well-known dating site remains Match which was established in 1995. There are over 23.5 million users and according to experts, Match has been credited for most relationships and dates. Apart from boasting an impressive number of users, with an equal ratio of men and women, Match has the highest success rate.

ï       Revenue churned from online dating sites has crossed $3 Billion: With an increasing number of users turning to online dating sites, it comes as no surprise that annual revenue has crossed $3 Billion. There are over 9500 people employed by online dating sites all over the world.

ï       Marriage is the next step for most couples who meet online: Dating sites are successful because they use sophisticated algorithms to match two like-minded people. Also, members of online dating community register with a specific purpose of finding someone to settle down with or woo a partner for the night. Social scientists are not surprised that most couples who meet online, pop the question.

ï       Marriages sail through the first year: The number of marriages that break within the first year is surprisingly low for couples who meet through an online dating site. Online dating sites are not just a platform to hook-up with someone; it has in fact led to an increase of interracial union between couples.

online dating stats

ï       A majority of online dating users have dated someone they met through the site: Over 66% of users revealed that they have been on a date with a potential partner they met online. These are high odds, if you look at it. The data suggests that online dating is effective in connecting two people.

ï       20% committed relationships started online: Statistics suggests that 1 in 5 committed relationships started online of which 17% led to a marriage. These couples tied the knot within a year of knowing each other. The data comes as no surprise given that an online dating site user is specifically seeking a partner who has the same interest.

ï       The quality sought is common interest and not just looks: The first quality a user seeks in a potential partner is common interests and then comes the looks. Sixty-nine percent users agreed that they were more interested in the number of common interest they shared over physical appearance.

ï       Majority of female users on Tinder are looking for a relationship: Flings are not a priority for women who turn to online dating; they are in search of a partner to settle down with. Tinder has been wrongly painted negatively as a site to hook up for non-committed relationships.

ï       The profile carries everything but the truth: Ironically the matches made are with profiles with fabricated profiles. Before you jump to the wrong conclusion, the fabricated information is specific to photos posted: women post pictures from when they were younger and men exaggerate their job profiles.

These statistics are just the tip of the iceberg, but nonetheless, online dating has changed the face of relationships.

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