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Check your Neighborhood Safety! Safest Neighborhoods!

by Rachel Greene

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10 Safest Neighborhoods in the United States

The crime levels in the United States have seen a sharp decline over the last few years. According to the data released by the FBI, the number of violent crimes committed in the country fell by nearly 50% from 1993 to 2015. Despite the steady fall in crime, public perception about typical America societies and neighborhoods remain skewered. Most surveys regarding public opinions reveal that Americans still believe that crime is on the rise despite the falling crime rates.

A company known as Niche, collects data and reviews of America neighborhoods and cities have recently made a list of the safest neighborhoods in America. They included various kinds of crime in their analysis such as larceny, grand theft auto, homicide and others. They collected their data from various records such as the US Census and the FBI. Based on these reports, a list of the safest cities has been created. Mentioned below are 10 of these safe neighborhoods in America that are perfect for a decent and risk-free life.

  • Naperville, Illinois- Naperville is famous for being a family-friendly city with top-class schools for children. All the aspects of the neighborhood are directed towards creating a wholesome and warm community that can progress and live together in harmony. The environment of the city is extremely welcoming to the newcomers.
  • Irvine, California- California ranks as one of the highest in being one of the safest states in America. The rates of crime have fallen dramatically within the state.  Irvine in California is one of the safest, greenest and cleanest city in the state. It has top-notch schools and has extremely beautiful streets decorated with trees and flowers.
  • Thousand Oaks, California- Thousand Oaks, in California is one of the perfect destinations to settle for life. With its calm and serene neighborhoods to fulfilling shopping centers, parks and recreation courses, Thousand Oaks is a paradise for those looking for retirement or the quiet life.
  • Provo, Utah- Famous for the Mormon, Provo in Utah has one of the warmest and welcoming communities in the United States. Utah is famous for being a friendly and amazing place to live in. Provo just takes it one step further with its beautiful suburbs and clean surroundings. Provo is certainly cozy, beautiful and safe.
  • Round Rock, Texas- Round Rock in Texas is a friendly, laid-back community famous for being one of the perfect places for family life. There are a lot of opportunities for family events at the baseball stadium, carnivals, soccer games and the YMCA among others.
  • Carlsbad, California- The beautiful city of Carlsbad is situated right next to a gorgeous beach. Famous for its safe and friendly nightlife and its wide array of Mexican food, Carlsbad is the perfect destination for those looking for safety and excitement. They also have the famous LEGOLAND here.
  • Sunnyvale, California- The Sunnyvale in California is loved by all of its long-term residents who praise the city for its restaurants, great public schools and a wide variety of community activities. The city is continuously kept clean and safe which makes it perfect for children and families.
  • Plano, Texas- Plano has a friendly population and a quiet and safe suburb. It has its grocery stores, clean neighborhoods and great schools. Perfect for raising children, the city has a wide range of perfectly placed and beautiful apartments.
  • Overland Park, Kansas- There are a lot of activities for both families and solo citizens in Overland Park. The city is the perfect blend for a safe family environment and nightlife for adults.
  • Port St. Lucie, Florida- Hailed as one of the best cities to raise a family in Florida, the city of Port St. Lucie has changed quite a lot over the years to become the perfect destination to settle down with a family and raise children.
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