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How Many People Search Online for Their Daily Needs

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How Many People Search Online for Their Daily Needs

The internet has become one of the most powerful tools at our disposal these days, as it allows us to do pretty much anything we desire at the tap of a keyboard. What started out as a means to enable computers to communicate with one another has brought the whole world together and enabled us to search for everything we could wish for. It's fascinating to learn what people search for on a daily basis and how accessible the internet is, along with other facts about one of the greatest inventions known to man.

How Many People Go Online Every Day?

Now that the internet is accessible even to the most remote places on earth, over 4 billion people have access to it. The internet is used for many purposes, and while most of us use it for online shopping and other services, in some areas, it is used to take down governments and help people get out of hostile situations.

In the United States alone there are over 312 million internet users, most of which log online on a daily basis and use the biggest search engine for their needs.

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Online Word Search – the Most Popular Searches on Google

Since its launch in 1998, Google has been the most popular online search engine with over 1.2 trillion searches per year. That means that people the world over conduct 3.5 billion searches per day, which is 40,000 searches per second!

While there are popular search words that people commonly use, 16%-20% of all new queries have never been searched for before. So, what are the most common searches in the US? This top 5 queries:

1. Pornography – well no surprises here... the most popular query is pornography with 22,820,000 searches per month for 4 four major terms.

2. Online games – the second most popular word search online is games, with several sought-after terms, such as addicting games (4,090,000 searches), games (3,350,000 searches), cool math games (1,830,000) and more.

3. Mortgage calculator – whole most people don't search 'mortgage' alone, the term 'mortgage calculator' is very popular with 1,500,000 hits a month.

4. Internet speed test – Americans search for this term 450,000 times every month.

5. How to lose weight fast – with 135,000 searches per month for this exact phrase, it is the 5th most popular search query in the United States.

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Other popular search terms include queries about financial matters, social media websites, news, online shopping and other hot topics in the United States, and we can only guess what Americans will be searching for in the future.


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